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  1. Just finished this collaberation recipie today, and i have to say this is a good IPA! This is my secobd successful brew with mr beer and my fifth brew all together. Well last weeks finished brew was a mad scientist kinda thing and it turned out great and this collaberation recipie turned out great too. Cant wait to get my next recipie!
  2. It was at 5.7 abv when ibtested the fermented wort... this beer seems more like an 7 or 8 abv. mybfriends are buzzed after 1 and a half bottles
  3. I think if i would have conditioned it even longer if would have been even better... but i followed my hydromoeter and used weeks instead of months... but damn... i think i miscalculated abv
  4. Good news for those still following this thread! This beer finished yesterday and spent the night in the fridge. I just got it to abget together with friends and everyone loves it. Its not sour like my last few beers. Its a little dry but thats because of the apple juice. So if i take a little more care with this beer next time i make it it will be amazing! And i know i havent been on here but i havent given up just slowed down a lot. I have an ipa going still and the winter spiced ale. wish you guys could try it but it isnt fonna last long!
  5. I could drink the stuff lol... but i would rather brew it right and get a great tasting beeR instead of cringing everytime i take a sip just to get a buzz
  6. It was a puckery sour. Not like sour apple but id say more like vinegar. But lookingvat the liquid it seemed pretty clear... probably because i chilled it for a couple days before pouring. Next brew i gotta be more methodical with my cleaning. More consistent with ferment temps. All my brew tools were sanitized though i wash them and soak them in a pitcher of sanitizer.
  7. It actually seemed under carbonated. im starting to think more and more im not doing all i can to sanitize. So i just need to be better at that
  8. Ill start using my cooler and ill go buy a couple better stick ons.
  9. And it could be sanitation too rick...
  10. You know... me and the lady ade constantly fighting over the thermostat in this house... i tend to keep it where the stick o thermometers stay in the green.. but i know at night she turns it down. and i turn it back up. But the variance in temp has to be +-5°… theres another reason.. itll probably be better for me to brew in the spring when we dont really use the heater or ac. But those stick on seem to always be on the green.. so i dont know...
  11. And thats really where its been. So i guess pitching temp is my problem.
  12. But your right... in mu attempt to create a good pipeline i think im going too fast.
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