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  1. I bottled my last beer about 8 weeks ago. It was the Mexican style lager. I took a bottle out at 4 weeks and tasted it after it was cool. It still had a green apple taste so I left the rest of the beer alone. I do landscaping and it being spring I've been very busy and have been putting off refrigerating the rest of the beer. Well I put some in a couple days ago and am trying it tonight. It's pretty good, I was just wondering how long before I need to drink this beer? I've heard that the taste gets better with time, but at what point does the taste start to suffer?
  2. I cleaned my keg throughly so I don't think that's it. Yes the specks were very small, flat irregular flecks is guess would good way of discribing it.
  3. Second batch of beer as been in the LBK for three weeks now. I ordered the mexican style refill. I've been trying to keep the temp above 68 as best I can but it's been really cold here in Arkansas these past few weeks. I poured some out into a glass earlier and noticed a few dark colored specks floating around in the glass. The taste didn't seem too bad, a little green and a little more bitterness than the first american style light beer that came with the kit, the beer that came with the kit was only an HME and didn't seem to have much taste when done. It wasn't bad just not much flavor, which I guess is normal for light beers. This refill I order an LME to go along with the HME. Does anybody know what these specks could be? Did I ruin my beer? I've done some research on the dark specks. I think the most likely cause is I mixed my HME and LME into the boiled water while it was too hot, basically I burnt my extract. I've found other home brew forums online and this seems to be the most likely cause in my case.
  4. I drank one of my beers last week and it had a little green flavor. I just tried some more tonight and it tasted fine. It was the american style light beer that came with the kit. Even though I'm not a big fan of light beers it didn't taste bad at all, my wife even liked it and she doesn't like beer usually. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Could it have tasted better? I don't know it was the first batch I've brewed. I'm going to use water bottled from the same source as the public fountains here in Hot Springs for my next batch.
  5. I'm pretty sure water that was distilled to drink is safe to drink and in no way harmful. I may be wrong on that but I think the only problem would be if someone depended on their water for minerals. Since I'm not living on distilled water alone and I also eat food I think I get plenty of minerals in my diet. I just wanted to see what a basic beer made with pure water tastes like.
  6. I love the Superior Bathhouse Brewery & Distillery. They did have a working website but just barely. I'm not sure if their beer is ready yet it's been a couple weeks since I’ve been in there. They did have some great craft beers to choose from. I was planning on going there this weekend with my wife but she had to travel for work so I lost my DD. I'll talk to them at some point about using water straight from the springs. I believe the chemistry of the water is suitable for extract brewing and from what I've read about the water quality coming out of the springs there aren't many bacteria living in it. I just don't want a colony of outside bacteria growing in my fermenter. I think for the next batch I brew I'm going to use bottled Mountain Valley Spring Water.http://www.drinkmsw.com/mountain-valley-spring-water.html
  7. Thanks for all the responses. I guess my main concern was how “sterile” do you guys try to get your water. From what I've read using the water from the free fountains will be perfectly fine. I was wondering what you guys thought about me using water straight from a public well. Should I heat it up to 175-180 or just boil it? I don't want anything spoiling the beer during fermentation.
  8. Thanks, I got my first brewing kit watched the video and dived right in. I should have done my homework before I started but I'm too impatient for that. They only mistake I know I made so far was brewing my beer too hot. I thought the air temp should be around 72 so that's what I kept it at and only for 2 weeks not 3. So my first batch might not be the best but I like to learn from trial and error. I just got my refill it's a mexican style beer. I'm going to do a little more research before I jump into this one. My beer has been bottled for 2.5 weeks and some are still soft others are rock hard. I've been told that they don't all carbonate at the same rate. I'm going to leave them in for four weeks and hope I haven't completely screwed up this first batch.
  9. Thanks for the input. I was going to use the hot fountains down town. I wasn't aware that there were cold springs. I need to find out the pH of the spring water and also find out what the pH should be for Mr Beer. I don't think the mineral content is too high. I know I don't taste any sulfur when drinking the water. I'll find out before I brew with it. I just wanted to try using the water that my home town is famous for. I didn't even think of using Mountain valley bottled water. It's supposedly from the same water source.
  10. My wife bought me the mr. beer kit for an early christmas present. My first batch is in the bottles and I've been reading on this forum that 4 weeks at room temp is recommended. I used distilled water like the video said. I'm exited to see how things turn out with this batch but I was wondering if anyone had used natural spring water to brew with. I don't think it will add any amazing taste I just thought it would be cool to use some of the natural spring water here in Hot Springs to make my beer. I would think it would need to be boiled first to kill any of the bugs living in this water. I mean this water does come out of the ground very hot but still there are many organisms that can survive high temps, and I don't want to find out how they ferment. I just wanted to know if any of you had tried it? If you have did you just cover you water with a lid after boiling it to prevent any contaminates from falling back into the water as it cooled? Thanks for any input.
  11. I bottled my first batch two weeks ago this Sunday. My wife bought me the kit with the American light. About three of the bottles are rock hard. The rest are either firming up or are still somewhat soft. They've all been in an ice chest with a thermometer, I've done the best I can to keep the temp between 68-72degs. Should I put the extremely firm bottles in the fridge? I don't want them to bust.
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