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  1. I used the Omega tropical ale yeast on an all grain 5.5 gallon 2x IPA batch last summer. The batch fermented primary at 74 degrees, secondary at 68 and the final product was amazing.
  2. I recently brewed an all grain New England Tropical IPA and I added most of my seven ounces of hops as late addition. Bittering hop was Citra at 60, flavor and aroma hops were Stonefruit, Simcoe and Mosaic at 15 minutes and the rest were flameout and dry hop. Sorry, the recipe is a closely guarded secrete so I will not post.
  3. Here's an all grain recipe I brewed that is outstanding.
  4. it'll be shipped out Friday if that's cool with you.

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    2. HoppySmile!


      I didn't use the YEAST, probably need to toss the two u have too

    3. sabres032


      I'm thinking of using the patriot lager to make a partial mash IPA. Need to get the Sticky Wicket oatmeal stout and the winter dark out of the way first. 

    4. HoppySmile!


      I have two more of the patriot lagers, thot of brewing a double patriot lager that one of the member brewed and loved it. but i'm like you, got others waiting in line first

  5. John Osborne

    207 south 69th east ave.

    Tulsa, Ok. 74112

  6. i'll ship 2 WDA's to you in trade that u ship the helles bock, i'll throw in a couple of mangrove jacks yeast equivalent to the T-58. I used the mangrove when I was brewing the WDA for my bourbon barrel

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    2. sabres032


      If you are good with it I'm willing... I have a packet of Nottingham yeast I have no plans for using, I can toss that in for you if you'd like. 

    3. HoppySmile!
    4. sabres032


      Deal is sealed... Thanks. 

  7. Straight up trade, we each pay for shipping the product? I'm good with that. 



    Mike Shipman

    PO Box 105

    Morton, NY


  8. how bout a trade?


  9. Are you trying to start your own distribution center?
  10. You were only an hour from me. Had I known I would have invited you over to share a home brew.
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