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  1. I am to the tee! I can't believe you remember that haha Yes I did taste it out of the keg and it was excellent! I'm excited to get this one in the fridge! Or better yet, out of the fridge!
  2. Okay, thanks guys! My first batch turned out horrible and it was very foggy so my natural instinct is to be scared. My Mexican Cervesa is going in the fridge today and my Horse's Ass is getting bottled. It's a good day! ;D
  3. I'm working on the Horses Ass recipe. Original Gravity was 1.042 and final is 1.008 (ABV of 4.45%). Sounds to me like its the right time (been 3 weeks and 2 days) but it is still very foggy in my hydrometer tube. Is that normal? should I bottle or should I wait? Thanks!
  4. Thank you Rick! You recently helped me out on my first batch in another thread, I wish I could have read this sooner! Thank you soo much, this has been bookmarked!
  5. RickBeer, you are my hero! I completely understand what you are saying now! So I'm going to toss this already opened bottle (its bad) and let the rest condition for 4 more weeks. I will then chill one of those beers for at least 3 days and try. If good, the rest go in the fridge. If not I'll give the rest another week or 2 and try another single beer in the fridge. In the future 3 in keg, 4 in bottles, try a beer, and go from there! Thank you soo much, you have told me everything I've been trying to learn and needed to hear!
  6. Now those couple bottles I pop for testing though, they can't be recovered can they? And it wasn't that it was flat, I understand what flat beer is. Will the popping the bottle mess with the taste as well or just flatness? Cause flatness aside I should still be able to differentiate the taste? I think? I'll take your suggestion of letting the condition for 4 more weeks. In the future, is the 2-2-2 rule not the one to follow?
  7. The warm taste was right out of the bottle and yes I did reseal it. It is also the same bottle I tasted after being chilled. Could that be my problem? I feel like that is such a rookie mistake. I feel like the dead yeast shouldn't be in the bottle, because I left the trub in the keg when I bottled. Is your suggestion popping another bottle and pouring it into a glass to taste? This sounds like a lot of wasted beer, but hey its all part of the learning! Thank you for the quick responses!
  8. So I am very new to brewing, and decided to try out a Mr. Beer kit as my first brew. Process has gone smoothly, 2 weeks in keg and tasted good so I bottled and gave it 2 weeks in them. Tasted a bottle and I thought it tasted good so I put my bottles in the fridge. Today I cracked open a beer to enjoy with my dinner and to my surprise it tasted very poor. Its very hard to explain the taste but I can only imagine it is the yeast I am tasting. Is it too late for me to move the beer from the fridge back into my fermenting closet? They have been in the fridge for almost 2 weeks. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! I am new but very eager to learn! Thanks in advance!
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