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  1. Ive got to make sure my beer doesnt get too cold...gotta love South Dakota winters
  2. so not to hijack this topic but i think its a related question...can you put a crimp on cap on a bottle that came with a twist off cap???
  3. Maybe ill just go strait for the delux refills rather than waisting time and money on doing the standard refill then the delux then recipes...who knows ill probably change my mind about ten more times before i make another order!
  4. Thanks for the input again guys. Sdrake what was your opinion on the Bavarian Weissbier in general? Im thinking that will be my next attempt.
  5. My plan is to try the basic refills to figure out which flavor i really like. My question is should i stick with the standars or go with the delux refills right away? Do they add much to the flavor of the beer and what is your guys preference from experience?
  6. haha looks like ill be busy for a while, thanks
  7. i would definetly send them to you but you dont like light beer....haha. FYI expect a ton of batch priming questions in the distant future
  8. BTW i cant belive how fast i get good responses from you guys
  9. Thanks I picked up some blue moon the other night and tried that and enjoyed it. What would be another commercial beer that would be similar to that? Would i be going the right direction trying some bravarian weiss recipes then?
  10. I'm just starting to break away from the light beers that i have drank for ever (i.e. coors light busch light) and i dont have any idea where to go with the recipes. I'm doing a batch of classic american light right now just because it came with it and have ordered the recipe for all american gold...taking baby steps. Thinking on ordering the american lager and the braverian weiss because they both just seem to trip my trigger but i dont want to get bored with just doing the HME and yeast....any help along the journey from water beer to good beer would be apreciated!
  11. So from your experience is 3/4 tsp. a little too much for the 12 oz. bottle? It seems like a lot of people say their measurements are too much. I'm just paranoid and dont want to mess up my first batch that after 7 weeks of waiting!
  12. Gopers6 so does "most carb drops" include the Mr.Beer carb drops? i was thinking theirs said 3/4 carb drop for a 12 oz bottle. Thanks
  13. Thank you for the quick response. That explaination pretty much confirmed everything i was thinking...now i just need to stay patient for another 6 weeks!
  14. Ive read a lot about temps on here but i still have this question. I have read that the temp in your keg is whats important and it can be 5 to 10 degrees hotter in the first week of fermentation. I had my keg on the kitchen counter with an ambient temp of 68 and after 2 days i read this info and moved it to a room in my basement that has an average temp of about 61. Is this too cold and if not after the first week is over and the agressive fermentation is over should i move it back to a higher temp? My second question is that when i moved it to the basement I tipped it back with a dvd case to try to get the trub to the back but now the ring of sediment that developed around the top of the liquid is no longer in the liquid at the front of the keg; is this cause for concern? That explanation was kind of rambling and i hope it isnt too confusing. Thanks for any help on this first batch and by the way its classic american light if that makes a difference!
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