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  1. Did a CAL w booster. Fermented at 64 65° on the 3/4/3 program. the first bottle was green and I essentially forgot about the rest in the closet. 4 months later my wife accidentally took a bottle to her folks thinking it was fermented tea I also brew. they thought it was lights out good. The rest is almost gone. Patience has always rewarded me on this issue.
  2. I just bottled a CAL that was "green". I went three full weeks. I used a refrigerator that would not go higher than 64. 1. Can I condition the green/tart flavor out? 2. Going forward should I just get lager yeast for the rest of my pipeline? I can lower the temp of the fridge but 64 is the highest it will go. I want to get away from water bottles in a cooler.
  3. I did not think about that. Two bottles will be lower right off the bat. Probably just brew it straight up. THX! I just want to start this now for the fall. It took AWHILE for my Perry Cider to condition out. How's your Rhapsody on Blue? It's in line for me to brew as well.
  4. I have yet to get to the ABV of the labels but 7% is too high for me. Plus this is for my wife.
  5. I have KT to brew very soon so any updates will help. I am brewing the straight up two bottle version. I would like to decrease the ABV. Just back off of the brown sugar? 1/2 cup instead of one full cup?
  6. Josh/Rick...In my haste to try out a new refrigerator that maintains 63-64 degrees I brewed up a batch of CAL w/ booster. The issue is I pitched at 79/80 degrees. It's in the cooler now for the next 21 days but I hate that made this error as I wanted all my variables to be the same except for this fridge. Insight? The good news is 63/64 is the highest I can set it at but I can get it to 50's for true lagers. Just need to brew/drink through my ALE stockpile.
  7. johnp

    Expired CAL

    I have an expired CAL 9/15 I am going to brew this weekend. I would prefer not to brew it straight up. Does anyone have suggestions what to add that I can get local to dress it up? I am thinking about adding honey but I wanted to quiz the group about other options.
  8. "at the cost of flavor" Good to know. I have an older re-fill without booster. I prefer flavor > ABV all day
  9. Glad you asked on the board however. Got to read your signature line and see which beers you brewed (and rated)
  10. http://www.homebrewing.org/Johnson-Controls-Refrigerator-Freezer-Thermostat-Temperature-Controller_p_433.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ProductAds ?? Is this a good deal?
  11. For a batch prime, can you just add the sugar/simple syrup to the LBK and then bottle?
  12. My journey with Mr. Beer began as a quest to drink good low ABV beer.
  13. This thread is good timing. I have to get out for the weekend. I think my best option is to take it to be safe. My house will get to 80 during the day in TX. Any downside to a little jostling? This is my Oktoberfest. Deluxe version
  14. This recipe is my personal and family favorite. It will always be in my "pipeline".
  15. Great thread and thanks to all the posters. I had a CAL and added another CAL in the last sale and it came with the booster and I was surprised until I read this thread. I also thought about splitting the booster between the two and got some great feedback and decided I will (and can). I am more or less a lurker on this forum but from time to time I need to chime in thank all of you who contribute and to say you are making me a better brewer! My wife and I drank my Horses Ass Pale Ale outside a concert. When we went in I got her a Shock Top and myself a Modelo. We both agreed I am brewing better beer. Thanks again guys!!!
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