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  1. so by these calculators and what others have said, the rates are ~1/2 what the Mr Beer directions state. Am I reading/calculating correctly? Are the Mr Beer rates overly inflated for a reason - I've gone by those rates and haven't had any issues (if anything, my ciders seem "flat" - no head)? What about ciders - there is no option on NB for them?
  2. I have some 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 pages bottles. What are the sugar quantities for carbonating each? 12 oz. = 1 tsp 16 oz = 2 tsp 20 oz = ???
  3. Thanks. Just trying to schedule some things.
  4. How long can I leave my brew in fridge cold crashing? Was going to do it after 3.5 days but might push it to 4.5 if ok?
  5. thanks. it's been a week so I will just leave them, but will start in basement/cooler temps from now on. these aren't my first brews and others have come out pretty good in the closet.
  6. I have a Rhapsody on Blue & Blackperry Trio fermenting now. They are in a closet with an air temp between 69-71 degrees. I just read that the wort needs to be at the recommended temp (think it is 68-76 for Blue and 59-72 for Trio). The LBK thermometer shows good for the Blue and I have been assuming I am ok for both (within the range) - is the wort usually warmer that the air temp?. Would I be better off moving the Trio to my basement that is 60 degrees??
  7. I am quite happy with how my Apple Beery and BooBerry Gobbler came out. There is just enough fruit flavor to give it a taste (aroma is great too). If anything I could add a drop to my glass. And cold crashing worked awesome - one+ extra bottle per batch and little to no "mother"/trub in the bottles. I will be doing it from now on.
  8. So I just saw the recipe for the Cherry Wheat. What would happen if I were to take out the cherries and replace with a cider mix to make an apple wheat beer. Excellent idea or train wreck disaster??? I am a fan of Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat and would like to try and make something similar sometime. Love the Redd's Green Apple as well - any suggestions for a clone of that? If no for both, the experts at MR. need to get crackin! ;-)
  9. Bottling my cold crashed Apple Brown Beery and Booberry Gobbler tonite. Is it safe to assume that conditioning temps should be the same at fermenting temps (67 +/-)?? I can put the beer in a closet that is 66-70 or in my basement that is 64ish. Which would be best. Thanks in advance.
  10. Might be a silly question.... If you have a cider/apple base don't you expect an apple flavor/taste? I like/want that an hope the apple flavor is there - why I added Apple flavor.
  11. Day 15. Added my extract - 1 oz apple, 1.5 oz blueberry. It appeared to have several "floaties" in it (pieces of the blueberries added?). Is that normal? It it worth cold crashing it before bottling (same for my apple brown berry I have brewing)?
  12. So now my second batches are done and still spilled in the transfer (quite badly on one - 1/2-3/4 cup, better on other). I did the pour towards method but still had issues (using a 3 quart pot). Made quite a mess - I discovered (actually my wife informed me) that the LBK would fit in sink - of course I didn't spill much on second attempt. I am going to get a pot with a pour lip on it. That should hopefully help my pouring inadequacies.
  13. So my first 2 brews (Czech Pilsner & Aztecs) have been done for awhile and I have to say they taste pretty good. Fermented for 3 weeks, bottled for 4 weeks. Both had little head (didn't surprise me too much), but my uncle who brews quite a bit found it curious that the beers bubbled on the bottom of the glass. Is that normal? Why did it happen? Now I'm going to do an apple brown beery & booberry gobbler. Both call for 7-14 days fermentation. Should I stick with the three weeks or is less time needed for these recipes? I will also try using a hydrometer for the first time that should tell me when they are done. Guess I need to know the general time because I will be adding extract 1 week prior to bottling.
  14. Lots of great info (albeit somewhat confusing). I will be starting an Apple Brown Beery and Booberry Gobbler. After reading all of these posts I will add the extract about a week prior to bottling (about 1.5+ oz/LBK) and then "tinker" with adding some to some of the bottles. I have apple and blueberry extract and will likely add both to the Booberry Gobbler (apple only to Apple Brown). Maybe an oz of each? Does that sound like a reasonable plan?
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