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  1. Well the first batch is already in the LBK. I used Galaxy hops, 10g each addition, at 30, 20, and 5 minutes to go. We will see how it turns out. Next batch I will do the same, except go 60, 20, and 5 minutes to see what the difference is. I am using about 1400g of LME and filling the LBK to the 'Q' in quarts. I would love to continue using and expirimenting with Mr. Beer HME, but being in Canada it is too hard to source Mr. Beer refills at a reasonable price. Using ingredients from my LHBS I can produce a batch for about 1/3 the price. If I start the boil and set the timers while I busy myself cleaning and sanitizing my LBK the total time to brew a batch is roughly the same. Apologies to the Mr. Beer team, I didn't really want to out you guys. I have loved the products and the simplicity you provide. Mr. Beer has provided me with an excellent starting point. Now that I have made a few (OK 20+) batches with HME it is time to step up my game and save a bit of money while doing it.
  2. My last attempt I just added the hops at 30'. I may have misunderstood the instructions. I will go for the full 60 next time and compare the taste.
  3. But you didn't really answer my question. I am only boiling hops for 30', as recommended by the brew master at my LHBS. Is it necessary to boil the LME for 30 minutes before adding any hops?
  4. I have started making batches without using HME. I just start with LME and add my own hops during the boil. Wondering if it is totally necessary to do a full 60-minute boil. I am typically adding hops at 30, 20, and 5 or 10 minutes to go. Do I really need to boil the LME for 30 minutes on its own before adding hops?
  5. I brewed this recipe with a Pale LME added to it, turned out very nice! I've also substituted Canadian Blonde HME for the CAL and it is one of my favorite brews so far. The Canadian Blonde version just a little more flavor and came out a little darker in colour.
  6. Honey is antibacterial by nature. There is no need to boil it. I just boiled the LME with the hops and then added the HME and honey at flame out. I will have the original Horse's ass ale recipe ready to drink this weekend. It called for one can of CAL. I added a pale LME to this batch as well for a little more body. I will post how it tastes and any differences after I have a couple bottles.
  7. Well I cracked into this batch over the weekend... and it is amazing! Nice clean crisp lager style flavor with a hint of hop aroma. Will definitely do this recipe again.
  8. Yes! Condition 4 weeks at least. I've personally noticed (and read in here many times) that anything with an OG more than 1.040 is really better after 5 or 6 weeks conditioning. Particularly with the craft series refills, they were good at 4 weeks, but noticably better after 5 and 6 weeks. I also had a batch of Grand Czech Boh that just didn't taste great after 4 weeks. I suspect it got a little too warm during the fermentation so it had a slight sour/apple flavour. I let the remaining bottles condition to 6 weeks and they were noticably better. Don't rush! Patience is rewarded when brewing beer.
  9. So far I have forgotten to stir the wort all together, before or after pitching the yeast. Stirred to aerate before adding the yeast as the directions state. And stirred with a sanitized spoon immediately after pitching the yeast. All three citcircumstances produced great drinkable beer. Don't panic. Your little 5g packet of yeast is a remarkable thing. I am sure you would have been OK with or without stirring the wort.
  10. I started brewing with Mr.Beer after this past Christmas. I've 6 batches drunk, and I think I know what you mean. I've had a pretty wide sample in my 6 different batches, starting with the CAL that came with my kit to the Diablo IPA I am drinking right now. There is just something similar in the taste of all of them.
  11. Got this batch into bottles yesterday. The sample tasted great, pretty clean taste with just a hint of honey at the finish. Colour was a perfect blonde too. I am really hoping this turns out well! FG got all the way down to 1.011, so the ABV should be around 5.4%. Going on a holiday at the end of May, so I won't even touch this batch until mid-june probably. Hoping it will be great by then!
  12. I brewed Canadian Blonde deluxe as my second batch, I think it has been my favorite yet. I've got 6 batches drunk so far, and the pipeline is still flowing. Just lined up a bit of an experimental run based off a Candian Honey Blonde recipe I adapted. 1. straight up Canadian Blonde Deluxe as a baseline. 2. Canadian Honey Blonde recipe - Canadian Blonde Deluxe, Pale LME, Cascade Hops and Honey 3. Horse's Ass Ale recipe (plus a pale LME for extra body) that I adapted my recipe from - CAL, Pale LME, Cascade Hops and Honey I want to try them all consecutively to see which one I like best.
  13. Um it's pretty cool to say you have "beer fermenting here at the office." I couldn't get away with that where I work!
  14. Been trying to work with QBrew to make some recipes. Whenever I create something with an HME the bitterness always comes out at 0 unless I am adding my own hops. How do I get the hops/bitterness profile to reflect properly from the HME?
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