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  1. thank you both very much! those were both very helpful. I clearly have a lot to learn about home brewing, and hope to expand my experience and knowlege soon! As far as "going Mad Scientist", in my personal opinion i hardly think adding a little flavor is that extreme but i guess your right, any little chemical change could ultimately distroy the entire batch. So I will heed both pieces of advice and just take it slow for my first go around! I will post once bottled and carbed thanks again. Oh and p.s. GO BUCKS!!!
  2. I am new to home brewing, but have taken to it like a fly to sh*t.... I just can't get enough of watching brewing videos, reading posts and instructions...etc.. So I am still in the "educating" phase. I have my first batch of the "Classic American Light" fermenting right now, and would like to add some flavoring via, fresh blueberries, lemon zest, and Pomegranite juice and maybe some other spices. From what I have found so far, I should add 1lb of fruit p/gal of wort shortly after the fermenting has subsided, so about a week in to the process. Does anyone have any suggestions as to refute or substantiate this experimental information? thank you very much for the input.
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