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  1. I read that that's why I'm checking recarb on it, didn't realize how much was going in there till the bottle was halve full. I'm more worried about the little bits floating in it, though it was only in the one bottle and the trub bottle.
  2. Well checked on my bottles a little while ago. For the most part they are fine with one or two firming up slightly(faster than expected with my temps running low sixties and high fifties) other than the trub bottle that was a quarter trub with it not filled very much. The trub bottle was hard as a rock so being my crazy self I cracked it then sealed it again to see if it will recarb. But in one of the bottles I spotted some stuff floating in it is in the pic though I don't know if it shows in the pic unless you know what your looking for. Ignore the hair it's on the outside.
  3. Well here is my hydrometer reading 48 hours after the first one it's the same.
  4. I was using the counter unfortunately not all houses are plumb and level anymore.
  5. I tried that I think it was in part that my testing area I had the tube on wasn't level so I had to very carefully adjust the tube till the hydrometer was floating straight in the tube. Just wondering if the sticking was a common problem and share my experience.
  6. This may be a silly question but is there a good way to keep the hydrometer from sticking to the side of the test tube?
  7. Yes your right still getting the hang of using the hydrometer (main reason I took the gravity of this one since I didn't have an og. I have no clue about the style of this hme since I have never had a light beer as far as I can remember so I'm not really sure about the taste.
  8. Ok so I did the tests and my specific Gravity was around 1.10 I think the sample was slightly cloudy and tasted flat, though when I swished it in my mouth there was a touch of sweetness to it.
  9. I know the recommendations on the board are for fermenting for thee weeks. I intend to make a sample out of some of the wort and take a specific gravity reading as well as a taste test. Now I have a question or two first is about the sanitizer, if I mix the sanitizer in a clean jug or two (gallon jugs) would it keep in the jugs for sanitizing the bottles or would I need to get more. Then sanitize the tube for measuring the gravity and the glass I will be sanitizing the spigot with. Is that correct or since I plan to do ... further testing on my sample and not put it back in the fermenter do I not need to be to stressed about sanitizing anything but the spigot and use this to practice my sanitation practices?
  10. I have been doing that though it seems that having a few bottles of just water in there works about the same.
  11. Well Jim the sad thing is it is in a cooler but I only heat the room it's in when I am awake.
  12. I have to wait for funding to get approved before I can think of a second batch let alone a pipeline.
  13. My only concern with the thread would be the amount of information that would need to be put up for each response. Like for me I was moving my lbk from one room to another twice a day and this morning it droped to 58 degrees ambient from the evening prior having an ambient temp of 68. Without that kind of info it would be very hard to replicate the results I will be getting if it turns out well. Though I do somewhat agree that a thread of advice for particular styles would be a good resource particularly for people who don't normally drink that style.
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