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  1. Thanks Rick, I know that site but I am using the carbo drops and I was wondering if I could use half of a single pill. Just double checking if someone on the forum carbonated this beer with the drops.
  2. I am using 12oz bottles by the way...
  3. Hey guys, I will bottle tomorrow and I was wondering if for this beer should I add half carbo drops instead of 3/4 since I never had the feeling that stouts are that carbonated. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. This temp thing is confusing because Mr.Beer instructions always said to keep it at 68F, no matter what beer are you brewing (with some exceptions). I think that they want to give priority to the completion of the fermentation over the different taste that you can get if you brew across the whole temp range. That's why I am always asking to you guys!
  5. Thank you all, I'll try my best to stay around 63/65. I'll keep you posted! Ciao!
  6. Thanks squeegeethree, What temperature do you suggest during high Krausen? It just started today! Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi everybody! I've just started to brew the Sugar on top IPA and I wanted to ask you, considering your experience, what is the best temperature to brew it. As usual, the Mr.Beer instructions said that the optimal temp is 68F but I was wondering since this is an IPA, if a different temp is optimal for this specific recipe. The yeast is the US-05. Thank you very much for your help/inputs!
  8. Thanks Josh. Your help is very appreciated!
  9. Hi everybody, I am doing a clone of the Oberon, a very nice and light summer wheat. It's been 16 days of fermenting, I used Wyeast 1010, always keep it at 65F. The thing is that if I am not very careful with my ice bottles (I am using a cooler as fermentation chamber) the temp always tend to spike. The recipe said two weeks fermentation, but it seems still pretty active to me. I will take an hydrometer reading but in case the reading is ok and the temp is still raising, what should I do? I am afraid to bottle, I would like to avoid bottle bombs if the fermentation is still going on. This is kind of paradoxical, usually people ask for help since the fermentation doesn't start and I have an endless fermentation! Thanks to anyone who would like to share any solutions or tips!
  10. Thank you Jim. I really appreciate your help! Today is the second day in the LBK and I got one of the most vigorous fermentation ever! Wyeast 3787 Trappist is a beast, I had a good overhead space in the LBK but I got spillage here and there, I clean up the mess and today it seems under control and the liquid temp is 68F, I will keep it consistent at this temperature. I will keep you posted
  11. Thank you Jim. So, do you think that a quarter of water for every pound of grain it's a general thumb rule? I am asking this because on the internet there are a lot of different views about it. What's the precise rationale about the amount of water to be used when you're mashing grains?
  12. A quarter of water for every pound of grain, I will sparge at 170F. I am going to pitch the whole thing.
  13. Well Vacco, the sky is the limit. Honestly, I am a very precise guy, following directions is not a big deal. I am not going "mad scientist" here, just ask for an info but I'll figure it out myself. Thank you anyway. Bye.
  14. Hi all, First of all I would like to thank all the great users of the forum who in the past helped me out with my first attempts to brew. Yesterday I had my first sip to the Abbey Dubbel that I made and it was amazing! I got it 3 weeks in the LBK, then 6 weeks in bottle and then the "famous" three days in the fridge: beautiful. I want now to try a partial mash of a recipe that I found on the internet for a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that I would like to drink next Christmas. It is a recipe for a 5 gal batch but I divided everything by two and this are the new specs: OG: 1.076 0.5 lb Belgian Pils, 0.75 lbs Bohemian Dark, 2 oz C-120, 1 oz Blackprinz. Mash at 152F for 60 minutes Add 3,75 lbs Pilsen LME to boil and increase bittering hops to 0.62 oz. Ferment with Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity I have two questions: 1) The liquid pack yeast that I got has written on it that is designed for 5 GAL, do I have to use half of it? Over pitching could be a big problem for this high gravity recipe? 2) How much water do I need for the mash? How many cups? Thanks for the help!
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