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  1. Nope. No bottle bombs. Final grav checked out 2 days in a row. The beer was AWESOME! There were none left to allow conditioning longer...went like hotcakes! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but so are a lot of the craft beers on the shelf. Don't know exactly when I'll make another batch, but it's definitely worth the price. Try it! Maybe you can tweak it...but as is, it's friggin delicious! I swear on my LBK's!
  2. In an effort to create an original, unique beer, I combined the following and came up with Todd's Anti-Anxiety Elixir. Of the 4 brews that were featured, this was the hands down winner. 1 American Ale HME 1 Weissbeer HME 1 Smooth LME 1 Pale HME .5 ozs each of Centennial and Columbus, boiled in the LMEs for 10 minutes 1 oz Cascade at flameout Both HMEs combined into LME mixture, cooled to 68 degrees F. OG--1094...yeah, that's up there Day 6 and 7 grav of 1032--Oh SO NICE. ABV--8.12% After 10 days in the bottle, this brew had great color, richness, and head retention. Tasters said it had the kick of an IPA when initially sipped, but moothed out nicely with a great mouthfeel and finish. To quote them, "A Home run!" After all 4 brews had been scored, I turned the tasters loose on the remaining beverages. Which do you think I must re- brew? Give it a try. It's almost a certainty you won't be disappointed!
  3. What is the taste difference between 05 and the standard yeast that comes with refills? Never tried a different yeast.
  4. Just thought I'd put this out there...firstly, I NEVER opened the lid on the LBK, only the spiggot (which was IMMEDIATELY sanitized)...second, and most importantly, this ale has turned out MARVELOUSLY!! Not only has that taste mellowed, but there is much improved clarity, body, and color. I'm going to make another batch tomorrow, changing the hops and probably boiling them in the LME before adding the HME (thinkin maybe 20 mins)...this also turned out to be very potent batch! Maybe extra LME would enhance? Almost GOTTA try. At any rate, just wanted ta say THANKS, fellas!
  5. By the way, RMG, in my spare time, I track Bigfoot.
  6. Thanks fellas. I get the point...though nothing bad ever came of dispensing a shot via the spigot before, that doesn't mean it won't happen. It is interesting, however, to note the changing characteristics through the fermentation process. But I suppose it is a chance not worth taking. Got my fingers crossed this clears out. Thanks again!
  7. Since everything was sanitized, I rule out infection. I follow the rules...I LOVE good beer. I like following the progression Call me crazy, but these are my babies...wanna make sure they're doin awright. Was totally unsure about dry hopping. Maybe should I remove? Could it get worse?
  8. One thing can tell you for certain is that distilled water, straight from the jug, is HARMFUL to humans! The reason is, basically , it is devoid of EVERYTHING except hydrogen n oxygen. Maybe not the best medium for yeast propagation. But try it...who knows!
  9. Hey now! I could be wrong, but I think those temp ratings are "optimal" for the yeast. Different species(?) thrive in different climates. The base MB yeast has the highest tolerance. Right, guys?
  10. Hey now! What's up fellas! I've made a few batches already..with the same atmospheric conditions. But this batch of Grand Bohemian, to which I added an extra dose of hops to, has me puzzled. I taste each batch at the 5, 10, n 15 daymark, n I have NEVER tasted red wine. Is this a case of bad yeast? I have made this before and not had this effect. All I did was add an extra packet of Palisde on flame out. Note: As in the past, thanks to all your advice, I boiled one packet with the LME, then added HME, then 2nd into LBK. I'm confused. Any assist would be appreciated!
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