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  1. Peanut butter cookie stout sounds amazing. Is this a kit or recipe?
  2. Thanks! Good to know. Is it better to use priming sugar in the bottles as opposed to the drops?
  3. I found a like 1 by 1 piece of wood about 12 inches long left from a window repair the fits nicely across the foil turkey roaster pan the lbk sits in so no messes. No sliding. Now to wait for the beer to carb n condition lol. Oh I'm not good at this waiting business. .....
  4. It's bottled, 3 weeks and a day in the fermenter. It was nice and clear. I found a 1 by 1 piece of wood left over from a window repair to tilt the trube away from spigot, and the whole setup sat in a foil turkey roaster pan in the a.c.. off to vacation tomorrow. How long before i can drink it? I used the drops does that make a difference in the amount of time I have to wait? 2 per half liter mr beer pet bottles.
  5. Woot! Just bottled my first brew. Octoberfest basic refill.  Now to wait..... 

  6. Lol gotta wait till payday n have to talk to the hubby. Don't think I will have his support till I make something drinkable. ?
  7. Goodness I just did this, what a mess. I don't think I lost too much. First brew so hopefully all will be ok. I was totally freaked out, forgot to take og. It is an Octoberfest basic refill, no booster or LME added. Hoping it won't be too weak. I covered with a towel and put in front of the a.c. after I wiped it all down. Hoping that works for temp control. I need one of those strips that stick to the side and tell the temp. Slightly sad cause I thought I had the Bavarian weissbier refill. Lol. Have to get that ordered for when my lbk is ready. Does anyone know if the Octoberfest is hoppy?
  8. Thank you Tim. Thanks again for your help. Now I just have to decide if I am gonna wait and try to do it Monday.
  9. My other option may be to bring it to my sister's house. Her garage is consistently chilly. Is moving it an issue?
  10. We won't be back till late late Sunday and Monday's are crazy. My son is autistic and his schedule is a pain but that may have to be the way of it. Was just hoping. How long should a perry condition ? I know rule of thumb is 3- 4 weeks right?
  11. Hello folks, I am a returning new brewer, brewed a couple, had issues, quit for a bit and have returned. Was going to start a blackberry perry in my lbk but have to go away for 24 hours and was wondering if putting it into the fridge would be an issue. It would be Saturday thru till Sunday evening. I was planning on a cooler with ice bottles in it but that would not work if I am not here to change em out. Temp issues were part of my problems the first time around. I would like the perry to be drinkable for my birthday Sept 3rd but I know that might be pushing it. I'm so excited to get started again but I don't want to ruin the batch out of the gate.
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