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  1. Easy enough. Thanks for the help.
  2. Took the summer off from brewing. Went through my ingredients and I have a Diablo IPA, Pale Softpack, and Centennial Pellet Hops. My notes say I was going to make an IPA Dry Hop. Can't find the recipe anywhere. Any ideas of what I can make with these three items. Thanks Also have THat Voodoo that you do and Plasma Porter to make.
  3. I was planning on seeing it through. May let it go four weeks . Just got second LBK so I can let seasonal sit an extra week and get Plasma Porter in 2nd one. Thanks for the help.
  4. Just went in basement where it is and my wife commented on a sulfur smell. So I guess it smells like sulfur.
  5. I started Winter Seasonal on Wednesday night. Lots of foam on it after one day. The only problem is it stinks. The smell is horrible. The other recipes and refills I did had a nice beer smell to it. This stinks. Does this sound like it may be normal or does it sound like it has gone bad?
  6. I have many small round stickers with various designs on them(5th grade teacher) and I put one design on each type of beer. I then have a chart that shows which beer each sticker is on. My kids like putting the stickers on the caps for me. Makes it a family activity.
  7. Mine has been in for 7 days. Can't wait to try it. All I have heard is good things.
  8. My basement is cooler in summer so I will move everything down there when the time comes. It is 55 degrees in basement now so I have everything in my closet. I did know better then to reference house temp from all the reading I have done. I have read enough to know that RickBeer would say it is the temp of the wort. Cheers.
  9. 4th batch in fermenter. I have been doing a lot of reading every night on the forum since Christmas. Everyone writes about using ice bottles to bring temps down. I am worried I am doing something wrong because my temps never go above recommended temps. I pitch the yeast and then place fermenter into a cooler. The water is around 50 degrees when I pour the wort so the temps are where they are supposed to be when I pitch the yeast. Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. I can see myself doing all the red recipes. Rose's Rambling Red will be in my next order.
  11. Howling Red Ale is in the fermenter. First try of a recipe after three refills without adding anything, I love a good red, so this one has me excited about the possibilities.
  12. Gave the Aztec another week in bottles(5 weeks) Much better taste. Enjoying it as I type. Wife tasted it and said it was good too. Birthday coming up next month and the wife wants me to make a wishlist for her to order off of Mr. Beer. Any suggestions? I will drink anything. I am doing Howling Red Sunday and the Winter seasonal in 4 weeks. Then I am tapped out. Would love some insight.
  13. I have a Howling Red Ale to do soon and the WInter Seasonal that was on sale. Wouldn't have purchased Aztec if not part of the original purchase.
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