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  1. There is a brewery that produces a great bottle of Root Beer. I believe it's "Small Town Brewery" but not real sure. Anyway this root beer has a 5.9 ABV. and is great with a big bowl of popcorn. Does anybody have a recipe for this high ABV brew?

     I normally like a good hoppy beer but for some reason I tried this stuff.  UM-Um Good. Does mean I'm turning?



  2. I just put a batch of Munich malt monster on to brew. The instructions said to ferment for two weeks. I have been fermenting my brews for three weeks and they seem to do very well. (I think that RickBeer uses this method and that's where I got it from)  I ferment at 70 degrees. Will two weeks be enough or should I go for longer before I start to test with my hygrometer?


    Rick N.


  3. I'm getting ready to brew some Defibrillator Dopplebock. The instruction say to keep the temperature between 68-76 degrees. Because of the location I brew in the temperature reaches 72 and falls as low as 62 during the night. The time for this brew is stated to be about two weeks.

    If I brew this batch for 3 weeks will it still provide the need fermentation? Also several people said that adding brow sugar instead granulated adds a lot of flavor to this recipe. When and how is the sugar added? When? Is this used for the carbonation or is it in addition to the sugar added at bottling time? 


    Sorry for running on, but this is all new to me and I am learning from the best.


    Rick N. B)

  4. I'm getting ready to bottle my fist round of what I hope will be one of many.

     I have some snap lidded bottles that are not the same volume as those I received with my kit.

    They hold about two cups of liquid with an inch for expansion. If I use granulated sugar how much should I us in each bottle? Or per cup of



    Rick N.

  5. Thanks one and all. That clears thing up. I have a Home brew store that's close and I need to brows through it just to see what's available. This may get to be a serious hobby(past time)

    That's what you call you time occupiers when you retire.


    Rick N.

  6. Was just browsing the site and read that a bottle wand helps achieve proper head space. What is this device and do I need it to get the proper head space? I'm getting ready to bottle my first batch and don't want to screw it up. I'm a lot better at screwing thing up tha getting thing right.


    Rick N.

  7. Okay! Now I have messed up. In three weeks(21days) from my start date just happens to be my anniversary and sense we didn't do anything

    last year I have promised the wife I would take her back to Gatlinburg Tn. where we spent our honeymoon. It's our 43rd and I dare not blow it.

    Having said that, will my brew be ok in the fermenter for three to five days past the bottle date?

    Rick N.

  8. Thanks for you help Josh.

       RickBeer, I read you dissertation on brewing and found it both very informative and entertaining. There is nothing like a good dry beer and a sense of humor to go with it.

      I'm a retired military aviator and pretty well lived by the old adage that "The Devils In the Details" but it looks like brewing is more of an art than a science. That's good for me because now I will relax and enjoy this experience. :)


    Rick N.

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  9. Valid question. There is nothing on the box to tell me other than it says I can brew 2 gallons. Therefor I assume it's the LBK. At any rate I brewed for the 2 gallons, but reading the instructions (page 9, LBK note 5) it says to fill to the 8.5 liter mark. I take this a  miss-statement as filling to equal 8.5 liters would put the fermenter overfull. 

    I may be just splitting hairs, but as a newby I will learn as I grow older. After all I'm just barely 71 and hoping to see this batch bottled before I have to will it to my next of kin. :rolleyes:



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  10. Thanks Josh for the info as to not overfilling. It looks like I have enough room. Maybe you can tell me why the 8.5 quart and the 8.0 liter marks are at the same level on my fermenter. 

    I tend to be a pain sometimes. Any way 8.5 quarts is only just over 8 liters. Was this a manufacturing error or am I reading this thing wrong?

    Thanks ahead of time for you help.


    Rick N

  11. My kit came without a Krausen Kollar. I contacted costumer service and was told that I can't by one from the store. The guy said I could still brew with out the Kollar so I just put up my first batch and will need help along the way I am very thankful for this forum.


     Will the absence of the kollar affect my beer?


    Rick N

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