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  1. i also had a first cidery batch that did not really improve even after 6 weeks. perhaps it would have over the course of a few months but i will never know as i poured them down the sink...just kidding i drank them i also do think that my beer fermented too high. i think a common misconception among new brewers is that the air temperature and the temp inside the lbk are the same.
  2. i know that the american lager is not a clone of any commercial beer but for those who have tried it what would you somewhat compare it to. i ask because i will be adding blueberry extract to make make a blue patriot in a couple weeks at bottling time. i wanted to experiment with pouring a beer similar to the american lager into a glass with different amounts of the extract. this way come bottling time i will have a better idea of just how much extract i want to add to each bottle. thanks
  3. from what i have learned so far it seems as though the head and mouthfeel of the beer dont always go hand in hand with the carbonation. while i have not brewed a deluxe batch i have read that they are much better in that aspect
  4. man my first was...well beer, but beer i wouldnt buy lol. my 2nd batch though is much better after learning from some of my mistakes
  5. thanks for the replies . i actually never got the cider taste out of my oktoberfest though it is only coming up on 6 weeks of being bottled. i think i pitched and overall fermented that batch at too high of a temp.
  6. My next brew will be the blue patriot. the recipe calls for a lager time of 2-4 weeks. how does this time frame work in with the 3 week 4 week method? from what i have gathered so far i think it means i put the beer in the fridge for 2-4 weeks?
  7. blueberry extract came in today! looking forward to using it. now when i add the fruit in after a week of fermenting i simply just take the top of the lbk and put the fruit in correct? or do you have to transfer the beer first? also is there a reason why the extract cant be placed in the beer along with the fruit at the 1 week mark?
  8. i am starting to wonder about infection with this batch though. granted that bottle did have trub, it was day 1 and hard as a rock. i decided to open it and it was way more carbed than my other batch that has been conditioned for over 4 weeks now. also it smelled very odd and tasted sour as well.
  9. thanks rick. that sucker is hard as a rock after 1 day
  10. i should also add that because of the amount of beer that was left i was only able to fill the bottle up about halfway. i dont know if that makes an impact or not
  11. does the trub bottle carbonate very fast? i bottled my beer yesterday after 3 weeks. today i was checking the firmness of the bottle. all of the bottles are pretty soft which i expected being day 1, but the trub bottle is very hard and has no give. is that bottle going to explode if i let it keep going?
  12. whats the purpose of adding the canned fruit in later during fermentation vs right away?
  13. thanks vakko that was another question of mine was is that the min or max amount. ill say this is more for my wife, granted she likes an ok amount of beer she def prefers more fruit beers
  14. i could be way off but for the purpose of getting it into the bottle with a dropper im thinking then about 6ml for each 740ml bottle?
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