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  1. http://www.brewjacket.com/ Randomly found this through the wormhole that is the internet. While I have a deep freezer converted to a temperature controlled basement, my biggest problem is that it can only have 1 temperature set at a time. This causes me to make beers by type at the same time. I can't brew a lager and an ale at different temps. Additionally, it's also where I cold crash. So if I'm making a beer that only needs 14 days to ferm, I can't switch over to chilling phase unless my other brews in there are also ready to chill as well. With this brewjacket system, I can just keep my deep freezer at 38F and only put stuff in there that needs to crash. All other batches will brew at their own preferred (ideal) temp. Just a thought for people out there.
  2. I put my LBK between me and the pot. Then pour the pot with the opening facing me. I can: see how fast or slow the liquid is going avoid pouring sediment and irish mosh into my LBKIf you're still spilling pouring towards yourself, your pot is either too big or your arms are too weak (also meaning that your pot is too big). Also make sure your pot isn't full to the rim (I'm not sure how it could be if you were boiling wort). You will certainly spill if it is.
  3. I guess the bests parts of Qbrew is being able to adjust your recipe. Sometimes you have the perfect recipe that yields the perfect beer. You rebuy to make it again and notice that your hop alpha's are slightly different. Punch that into your Qbrew, make some adjustments, and boom, same beer produced.
  4. I've made a lot of lagers. If you properly pitch your yeast, the DR is unnecessary. To answer the OP, a lighter session lager will be ready rather quickly. What will slow you down is carbonation cycle. If you cold brew, then cold carb, then cold store, it could take 8 weeks. If you cold brew, then warm carb, then cold store, it could take 6 weeks. If you cold brew, then warm carb, then warm store, it could take 5 weeks. 3 different ways to make a lager... and each way will produce a different taste.
  5. I also still use it. So easy to tinker. I can update my hops to the % they are in the bag, maybe I put in 3lbs instead of 3.15lbs of extract, WHOOPS! boiled my columbus for 10 minutes instead of 7.
  6. Vakko

    Case of Belgian

    After 6 months in the bottle, I opened the Chimay Blue for my wife. She said it had been so long since she had last had one she couldn't remember what it was supposed to taste like lol. It was silky smooth with just the right amount of carb per the style. I still have a few bottles sitting around that I will probably drink this Christmas. Oh crap! That means I need to make more now!
  7. Vakko

    Case of Belgian

    LoL they were on sale for $12.95 IIRC, and I had free shipping.
  8. Vakko

    Case of Belgian

    I have a chest fermenter so making lager's aren't an issue. And yes, I would like to feature the cascade against the Belgian malt. But not cover that up with yeast.
  9. Vakko

    Case of Belgian

    I see what you're saying. But I was thinking something clean to let the flavor shine through.
  10. So I completely forgot that I ordered like 10 seasonal HMEs of Beligian spiced ale earlier this summer. So now I'm scrambling to use them up now that they're expired! I've previously made Chimay blue and I just brewed a Chimay red. But I was thinking of something fancier but I don't know what to call it or how it should taste. Something like: 1 HME Belgian seasonal 1/2 bag of booster 1/2oz Cascade 20 minutes 1/2oz Cascade 7 minutes 1/2oz Cascade for 20 minute flameout 1/2oz Cascade dry hop Really big issue here: what yeast to use? I was thinking US-05 or maybe even S-23 or 34/70!
  11. Thanks a lot! Baby was born and beer took a 5 month vacation. Additionally, I have also adopted the "BOTH" technique. I do a 20 minute flameout and dry hop after primary fermentation has completed. I've been using whole hops for my dry hops. (such a pain to weigh out and bag).
  12. Josh, what's your opinion on flameout vs dry hop or combination of both?
  13. Was ordering some equipment from Northern Brewer on Amazon, and they accidentally sent me their Black IPA. I called and told them their error. They said they were sending my correct order and to keep the recipe!
  14. This is not a good idea. While you most likely have a lot of living yeast there, you need them to consume all the dead yeast. If they don't, you get a bunch of off flavors from autolysis.
  15. Add some whole hops as a garnish
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