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  1. Vakko


    It won't go 3 high unfortunately. So it seems that 5 LBKs are the max for my 7 cu ft freezer.
  2. Keep on brewin!

  3. Vakko

    Vakko's Abbey

    Homebrews featuring lagers but not limited to them.
  4. Brew day is over. What to do now? PREPARE!!!

  5. I'm at a standstill. I have 4 batches to brew on Saturday and I don't have any ingredients!

  6. Brew brew brew and now waiting to brew more. Sigh...

  7. It's that strange lull between batches where I just kind of read about stuff. Nothing to taste. Nothing to bottle. Nothing to make. Sadness.

  8. Getting ready for the next big batch of beer this weekend! 4 LBK's to empty and fill!

  9. Trying to keep up the pace of 5 recipes every 3 weeks but bottling every 4. I think I will run out of bottles o.O

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