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  1. If you can find a bottle of Twisted Pine Brewing's Cucumber Ale, we highly recommend it! It's what gave us the idea for the cucumber recipe. It's clean, crisp, and refreshing!
  2. Magically Delicious! We got a bottle of the brew hat the Mr Beer recipe is based off of. We tried it at Black Bottle Brewing when we were in CO and had to bring a bottle back to CA!
  3. I have brewed it (I know, no surprise there). I second what Josh said. We did lots of research on the topic before we decided to use the liquid smoke in our stout. EVERYTHING we read said don't use ANY liquid smoke that has more then two ingredients: water, smoke. I know people put strange thigs in their beer all the time, but vinnager just sound appealing. We used Wrights brand of liquid smoke. We found it at our local Safeway but we have read you can sometimes even find it at Walmart. Also, go light! If you have ever cooked with Liquid Smoke, you know a little goes a long way. Just share our 2cents. Happy Brewing!
  4. Sadly, We can only dedicate one room to our "brewery" (maybe we need to buy a bigger house), we ferment/condition all at the same temp. we try to keep it in the mid 60's. Sometimes it gets a bit colder (62-64) and sometimes a bit warmer (68-70). Conditioning may take a bit longer at these temps but that just means you need to brew more and account for the longer times in the pipeline. At any one time we have 5-6 full fermenters with 2-3 batches conditioning and 10+ drinkable batches (100's ready to drink).
  5. We just tried this at Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins Co. Wow. It was a tad sweet for our liking (we have never really been into sweet stouts) but it was pretty good! What a fun little brewery. They did a "Count Chocula" stout a while back and apparently bought all the cereal In the city. It pissed off one lady so they hand delivered a box for her kids. It was in the news (apparently a slow news day that day). Was a fun story to hear about.
  6. <--- This Pup has!! This is a perfect summer beer. The orange comes through great. Vanilla is subtle (but there) and has a nice creamy mouthfeel from the oats. Of course my opinion may be a bit bias.. but I think its gonna be a killer summer time beer!
  7. We have a 5 gallon (Orange Homer) bucket of star san on hand at all times. We are brewing/bottling ever couple days so it was just easier to keep a big batch of it laying around. We make a fresh batch roughly once a month. We have been sanitizing this way for about a year with no issues... and as others have said.. DONT FEAR THE FOAM!!
  8. Oh, this takes me back to my newborn days. Checking on my baby Blonde ever couple hours, making sure its not to warm, not to cold. Ensuring she was safe from deadly UV rays. Singing to her, sweet lullabies as she drifted off to sleep. Yep, we are all nuts.. and WELCOME! As long as your in the proper fermentation temp range (mid-high 60's), 3 weeks will be good. Happy Brewing!
  9. Craigslist is another good source for homebrew supplies. We have picked up lots and lots of equipment (sometimes free). Happy Hunting!
  10. Very cool! We have the Mr Beer Party Time Pilsner kit conditioning. We are pretty excited to crack them open in another week or two. Cheers!
  11. To go off Ricks Caffein Impact comment.. We do a pound loosely crushed coffee in our mash (for an hour) for a 4.5 gallon batch. They have quit a kick. It's more of an afternoon pick me up beer then a night cap (we have done a night cap which turned into a laying in bed binge watching house of cards to fall asleep). Maybe we should just start drinking them with our breakfast!
  12. ohs- Sounds fantastic. Nothing like the aroma/flavor of a fresh vanilla pod!
  13. Cream- We have done the brew and fine tuned the recipe. Without giving to much away, lets say it pays homage to my home state and will have you forgetting about the snow and looking towards summer! As for a release date, I can't speak for Mr Beer but hopefully in the next couple weeks. Thanks for helping support a cause spreading awareness of the literally millions of animals that need adopting.
  14. We are taking our crack at a "Smoking hot Blonde" (As Pops calls it). 8lb 2-row 3 oz carapils 3 oz special B 3 oz smoked wheat 3 oz smoked peat malt Just finished the boil (30 min with .5 oz UK Kent Golding). We want the smoke malt to shine. Smells incredible!
  15. Awesome! "I love it when a plan comes together" - John "Hannibal" Smith (A-Team)
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