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  1. Josh: What ratio of bleach to water for this cleaning? I have a peach wine in secondary fermentation in an LBK right now.
  2. Hmmm...this looks a bit like Kansas City Royals blue.
  3. Good stuff, that cereal. Used to eat a lot of it when I was a kid (OK, I'll admit to eating a few bowls of it as an adult). It always tore up the roof of my mouth, however. And I remember having to eat it quickly before it got soggy.
  4. I realize that the Winter Dark Ale (WDA) is no longer available for purchase, so this review is somewhat irrelevant. However, I managed to scoop up a few at $5.00/each many months ago and have been brewing them throughout the late winter and early spring. Just opened a bottle of WDA with Robust LME, bottled 2/2/16, so almost five months conditioning. I believe this is the first all-extract Mr. Beer brew in which I can't detect that "extract twang" we discuss on these forums. I didn't mash any grains, didn't add additional hops for flavor or aroma, just brewed it straight up with the extracts. Wow. Creamy, tan-colored head, excellent lacing, good mouth-feel, no twang. I have one can of WDA left...guess I'd better get busy brewing so I have some to drink later this fall.
  5. Started cold-crashing my hard pear cider this morning. OG = 1.062, FG = 1.014, ABV% = 6.3%. To bolster flavor I substituted two quarts of my home-canned pear juice for two quarts of cold water. I also added two cups of sugar during the brewing process. The sample for the FG did not taste dry, nor did it taste overly sweet. I'll be adding priming sugar when I bottle to make it a sparkling cider. I believe this is going to be an excellent beverage for enjoying on the deck during a warm summer evening.
  6. I wonder if a pill cutter would work?
  7. I suppose the "etc." includes Rolling Rock (OMG, that stuff is horrible! If that were the only beer available to drink, I would be stone cold sober all the time) and Schoenling's Little Kings Cream Ale. I'm sorry to admit that I drank my fair share of Little Kings many, many years ago. Hey, we were all young and stupid at one point.
  8. Josh, I went right to the second page on this thread, and your comment was at the top. Damn near fell off my chair laughing! When taken out of context, your statement, "I ferment for 21 days, then cold-crash," sounds like you have an abdominal disorder. LMAO
  9. I hate it in my town, seems this city is always dead last when trying new trends??? they just started a small brew fest last summer and u can't bring your own beers to let others sample, u have to sample all the business home brewers, and we have only 3 LOL!, so i'm guessing in about 5 years this city will finally have a competition for home brewers

  10. Bleh. Now I know why I can't stand that stuff. Why would anyone ruin perfectly good beer with lemon soda?
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Mr. Beer Forums, I report that the Slap Hoppy Stout* I bottled on April 3, 2015 is one tasty brew. My goodness, slap me silly! Opened the first one-liter PET bottle this evening after a frustrating day at the office, and after a few sips all of those petty irritations just slipped away. Not an Imperial Stout, but still a big flavor, full and smooth mouth-feel, low carbonation, and appreciable malty finish. Since it was in the bottle for over ten months the hops flavor is not as pronounced, but that's OK with me. I'm a malty kinda girl, especially during these dank, dark Ohio winters. Note to self: I must save a couple of bottles to share with my BIL on St. Patrick's Day. I bet it'll go well with his famous corned beef and cabbage, as well as with his curmudgeonly company. IIRC, this one overflowed the LBK, as I was not as attentive to fermentation temps as I am now. Still turned out awesome. It would be an incredible flavor addition to a slow-cooker roast recipe, but I'm reluctant to use any of it in cooking. That's what GL Oatmeal Stout is for. I'm saving MY brew for quaffing. *I initially misread the recipe title as "Slap Happy Stout." Not a bad misread, I believe.
  12. Is your neighbor a Pastafarian? Member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? http://www.venganza.org/
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