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  1. I have also done many HME recipes, both Mr Beer and others. I always have the "twangy". It is better with partial mash but still there. In the last year and a half I have done several full grain batches using the BIAB method. I did not have the twangy with those recipts. I do not know why but when I have the "twangy" i add a dash of salt after pouring the beer in a glass and the taste is greatly improved. I like the idea of adding honey and may try it.
  2. Thanks Rick. My first lager. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  3. I just bottled an octoberfest fermented as a lager. Does it have to be carbonated at the higher temps (70+)? The yeast worked for fermenting in the low 50"s.Will it work for carbonating in the 50"s?
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I have city water. I did not save it this time but I will watch for the solution to get cloudy and get some ph strips.
  5. I got the Star San at a Local home brew shop and I was told by the clerk that if i wanted to use the mixture more than once, use distilled water, The reasoning is that if the solution is stored, the minerals in the water will react with the acid and it will not work. Is that true?
  6. Thanks Rick. I did one teaspoon per gallon yesterday and I believe I did 1 1/4 when I bottled the last batch. I will go back to 1 1/4
  7. Thanks for the help Ric.It is good to have a place to ask these questions. The first time I used the star san, I thought I had mixed it to stronge. Yesterday when I brewed i let it dry a few minutes and ignored the foam.
  8. Is the cleanser that comes with the Mr Beer kits a sanitizer or just for cleaning equipment? I have completed two batches since March using the cleanser as my sanitizer. The results were not ideal and I am questioning the sanitation of the equipment and bottles. My second question is, I recently purchased a bottle of Star San for use in one batch, that is conditioning now, and one that is in my LBK, What I did not like about the Star San is the foaming. The directions on the bottle say to let your equipment air dry after contact with the sanitizer, but the foam lingers on the equipment for quite a long time. will this foam hurt the beer?
  9. Jeff, I am from the Clarion area between Pittsburgh and Erie. Just hope your the heater, thermostat or timer quits working and then you problem is solved. If ice builds up (and that could be years) schedule a day to unplug the freezer and let the ice thaw.
  10. How often the door is opened is directly related to how much time the compressor runs. When the door is opened, warm air enters the freezer and the thermostat contacts close and send power to compressor and it starts.
  11. The defrost timer should work based on the amount of time the compressor runs, not on the hours in a day. If compressor only runs 4 hours a day then the freezer should not go into defrost.
  12. Looks like a defrost timer. Is your freezer self defrost? If it is self defrost and the compressor run a certain number of hours (6 or 8) the freezer will shut off to defrost. When you turned the knob you advanced the timer and started the compressor.
  13. Thanks everyone. i will let the beer continue to condition as it is.
  14. Brewing my second Mr Beer brew (Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe).Three weeks in the LBK. Kept wort temp 66 to 70 degrees. Bottled last sunday. It is still cool here in Northwestern PA and room Temp is staying around 66 degrees. I have been trying to follow the advise on this forum and condition for 4 weeks at 70 degrees. My question, is it possible to condition a this lower temp and should I condition for longer than the 4 weeks?
  15. Lucinda PA. Between Pittsburgh and Erie
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