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  1. I have just finished the Diablo IPA. Was very suprised compared to my first kit. Much better. I am ready to start my next batch and looking for any suggestions. I mostly drink IPA's but somewhat wanting to try a seasonal fall recipe. Does anyone have any suggestions of what recipe to use? Thanks in advanced.
  2. I am about to bottle my second batch. I have switched to glass 12oz bottles instead of the plastic ones. I also will be using sugar instead of the carb drops. My question is where can I find how much sugar to use for the 12oz bottles, or if anyone knows off the top of their head. I have lost all my paperwork that came with the kit. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Sounds good. Makes it a little easier not having to sterilize anything. I live in Western NC and there is a ton of breweries around here so I'm sure they do not sterilize everything. Could've thought about that before I got on this post. Thank you guys for the help
  4. So I am getting ready to start my second batch to brew. I have the Diablo IPA. I am just curious with the water. Should I use sterile water to mix or would tap water work just the same? I live in the city and use city water just not sure if I should buy some sterile water or sterilize my own before mixing.
  5. Thanks for the help. I've drank a lot of beer since I've moved to western NC, but not brewed much. I like almost anything IPA. But was looking for something a tad stouter than 5%. However I am new to this and if the Diablo still tastes good at 5% I'll leave it be. That's the only thing I was curious about, mainly with the booster if it would still taste just as good but add another percent possibly. Thank you guys for the help. I may leave it straight since I am still tinkering with fermentation times and bottling times, my last batch wasn't the greatest. Drinkable just flat.
  6. I am starting my second batch and would like any input on the recipe. I have been looking at the Diablo IPA and that seems to be the one I am leaning toward buying. I am just curious if I should add a LME package? If so what flavor, Robust, Pale, etc. Or possibly the booster. Not sure exactly what it all does except what I have read about. Thanks for any help. It is greately appreciated.
  7. Great to know. I have been saving my Miller lite bottles so no need for that now. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. So just to clarify on the bottling with glass. The bottles that I save and reuse will have to be pop top bottles? Screw top bottles cannot be used and capped?
  9. Awesome. Thanks for the info and the help. I'm not necessarily wanting a fruit beer. Just thought It would something cool to try and taste. I will definantly keep this in mind and try one of these the next batch. Off subject but is there a noticeable difference in bottling with glass bottles or plastic? I have the 740ml plastic bottles but I would like to use glass, since that is the usual serving size I have with dinner, etc. I'm new so have a lot of questions i'm still pondering about after my first batch. Again thank you for the help
  10. I have just finished my first batch of the American Light. This is my first batch of home brew. I think it came out good. It's a little flat, just got to let carbonate longer. I'm looking for recipes for my next batch and looking for any recommendations. I'd like something a tad stronger than what I used but not quite a stout. I have been reading some of the fruit recipes but would like any input from anyone on what might be the best. Thanks for any help
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