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  1. I stand corrected Rick, and as a season ticket holder to UM football I say Go Blue!
  2. All is well and the party has agressively started, It took a bit longer and matched the time frame that Jim described. Thank you all for your information and support. I plan on enjoying my Irish Stout just in time for St. Patricks Day. Cheers to you all!
  3. Yes, room temperature and sprinkled dry so I hope you guys are on the mark. Sure do appreciate the feedback. Hope to see that the party started when I check it this evening otherwise i'm on to Jim's suggestion.We have an excellent brewers supply nearby so I'll give it another day before I hit them up for replacement yeast.
  4. If it doesn't kick in, is the remedy a visit to the brewer supply store for additional yeast? Thank you again, information was very helpful.
  5. Ok, thank you!. Yes, it is a Mr. Beer kit (8Lx) and it's my third batch. I use bottled spring water when I brew and in this case I had placed the bottlled water outdoors in our Michigan winter weather and the water became much colder than I thought. That's why I hadn't realized it until after the fact. I do use the cooler method for regulating temp and I can keep the enviroment under control pretty well so I should be okay. Just wanted to be sure I didn't cause any harm to the yeast. This is my St. Patricks Irish Stout, so it is a time sensitive situation if I needed to start over. I'm sure that won't happen again.
  6. Ok, so I can find a lot of guidence and information regarding pitching yeast with water temperature well above the desired range, but very little with water well below. When I added the cold water to the wort in the fermenter, the temp had come down to right around the 45 to 50F when I added the yeast. I know, I should have waited until the temp came up and unfortunately I didn't take the temp reading until after I added the yeast. I have noticed very little activity as I've patiently waited for the water temp to rise over the past 12 hours and I am now at my target of 71F, but things still look rather quiet. Will the yeast still respond properly or should I consider this batch a loss? Should I consider adding more yeast?
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