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  1. @RickBeer is this air temp or liquid temp?
  2. now yinz got me more confused. lol... so what i am gathering my pitch temp and/or fermenting temp is a touch too high? so looking over my temps again.. the average is around 66. but that is when i take the temperature, not average temp overall. 1 time it got to 68... and i take the temperature with laser butted up against the keg halfway up the wort.
  3. is this where i am getting the off flavors from then @RickBeer
  4. @MrWhy I have always sampled before bottling.. i dont recognize the cider taste before bottling. just a flat beer. still kind of fresh here... but @J A remark about a week on the cake... meaning ferment another week, I already let it go for 3 weeks. going to order the next with these thoughts in mind as far as sanitizing goes.. i actually sanitize twice... once with a bleach/water mixture and right before bottling i use the no rinse stuff supplied by mr beer
  5. yes.. every bottle pitching temp did cross my mind.. but i used refrigerated water. and according to my temperatures it was at 67 when i put the yeast in, using the same method to take temps my house never gets over 74 and thats in the summer, in the winter time it never gets over 68 1 - i have found in the past this as well -- my last 2 (a pumpkin and a raspberry stout) that after 12 weeks the flavors really jumped... this current batch was bottled on 3/21/16 so, its around that 12 week mark now 2 - im gonna drink it.. no doubt about that. haha 3 - i will just use an extra ice bottle to keep it around 60-62 and see
  6. i have a food grade laser thermometer that i rest against the side of the keg halfway up the liquid... i use a cooler with ice bottles. I take temp checks about 3 or 4 times a day.. when it gets to 66 i change the bottles out. i used the belgian blanc recipe and just used clementine instead or oranges
  7. I am having the same beer with my last couple batches... e.g. did a clementine wheat beer.. just looked at my notes and the highest ambient temperature was 67.. so the range was 62-67 for the 3 weeks... 12 oz bottles with 3/4 tsp sugar per bottle and condition for 8 weeks on the counter... and the house never gets above 74. where is my possible cause?
  8. looking for a good, but basic IPA or APA recipe. will be my first PA any suggestions?
  9. thanks again Josh. <<wiping sweat off my brow>>
  10. awesome. thanks a bunch you can close this if you want. i'm not sure how
  11. well... added the hops today. and noticed that i never put the clips on the keg, so there were the holes where the clips go on. Hope i didnt fudge this batch up
  12. i have the 8L clear fermenter and just realized that i never put the clips on it --the clips that attach the krausen collar to the fermenter... so there were 2 holes where the clips insert.. did i screw this batch up. I didnt notice it until i added the hops just now.. i did put the clips on now and it has 2 weeks left
  13. not being home all the time is difficult - but i am keeping it from 62 to 67
  14. update #1 had to add an ice bottle in the cooler to drop temp from 68 -- got it down to 62 and removed the bottle.. holding steady at 67 now got some nice krausen building up already. this was the first time my brewing process went smooth.. so probably going to come out like crap. haha
  15. http://www.mrbeer.com/belgian-blanc-recipe with some revisions 1.. did not use coriander seed as suggested by Josh 2.. used the zest of a couple clementines instead of a small orange in the fermenter and resting at 67 degrees.
  16. one of my favorite citra hop beer is actually a local from Flying Dog.. Citra Dog
  17. I am going to HAVE to make this... its sounds yummy
  18. Citra is one of my favorite hops.. should work well with this.. as well as Simcoe or even Galaxy
  19. Looking for a basic extract based wheat recipe, specifically clementine. any help or direction to the recipe would be greatly appreciated.
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