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  1. I have a brew of powerful patorit ale. It has been fermenting for three weeks. There is hardly any bubbles on top, just very small ones here and there. I went to take a sample out of the keg. I noticed some white yeast coming out into the shot glass. Is it too soon too bottle. It taste like flat beer. I will be bottling it into 12oz glass bottles,so that's 3/4 of a teaspoon of priming sugar. Just looking for what you experienced Brewers think I can bottle it or if I should wait another week. Thanks in advance
  2. Which do you prefer the sugar or the carbon tabs.
  3. I have a 2 gallon keg. Right now powerful patorit ale is fermenting. My question is how much priming sugar do I add into the wort when I'm ready to bottle. I will be bottling into 12oz bottles. Or is it better to use the priming tabs. I used them before but they did not give me much carbonation. I guess I was just thinking when it comes time to bottle it would be easier to just put the priming sugar into the keg. Also another topic. I have two kegs. Should I drain the wort into the clean sanitized keg, and then add the priming sugar. Problem easy answers, I'm tying to make this into a great hobbie. This way I would not have all the stuff at the bottom in the good mixture with the priming sugar. Thanks in advance
  4. 70 okay. I just want to thank all of y0u for all the advice.
  5. But if I understand this right. It's fine to leave it on a counter near a window. So the natural light will not hurt it. But watch the temp as it's sitting on the counter
  6. So in a cabinet without a cover is fine then
  7. Does putting a towel over the keg, keep it from fermenting properly. Cause isn't there air slits in the cover?
  8. Closet with a towel over the keg. Still pretty new at it.
  9. Looking for the best storage tips.
  10. I just made some octoberfest. They were 12 oz bottles. I used 1 tab per bottle and have hardly any carbonation. I let the ferment for 4 weeks and then bottled them and let them sit for another 3 weeks. Then put them into the fridge for another week. Such a long time to wait then not carbonation. The taste and color are great. Did I put the wrong smount of tabs in the bottle. Plus that is the first time I used the tabs. Last time I used 3/4 of corn sugar for each bottle.
  11. 4 or more before I put them in the fridge?
  12. Irish stout I think is what I'm going to try next. My first batch has been in the bottles for about three weeks now. So I thnik I will put them in the fridge for a couple weeks. Hope the result comes out good. Think this will be my new hobby. My father in law makes all of his own beer and wine. So he has got me into brewing now.
  13. Yes I used sugar and not the carb tabs.
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