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  1. Thanks. Transfer is From the chilled wort in the kettle to the glass fermenter, which is a 1 gallon carboy jug. OG was 1.065 before spillage so I am expecting FG to be ~1.03 or so. Primary Fermentation is going well this morning so I am expecting a very light beer in the end.
  2. Thanks. Will my FG be affected? Will it shorten/ lengthen fermentation? Will it affect the taste?
  3. Hi all. Quick question...While pouring my wort into my carboy, I ended up spilling about 1/2 of it. It’s only a gallon batch. In order to get to the gallon marker, I added about 1/2 gallon of distilled water to the wort and then pitched the yeast. How will this affect the beer? How will it affect fermentation? Should I be concerned? It the batch ruined? Thanks for the help!!
  4. I just started "Camilla's Folly" today and followed the instructions to bring the water to a boil, add both sets of the hops together, and then remove from heat. How long are you supposed to boil the hops? Per the instructions, you're not supposed to boil them. I've read elsewhere that you should boil certain types of hops a certain amount of time. I've also read that you boil one type of hops first, then add another type of hops later. Any advice for using hops in Mr. B recipes and how long one should boil, if at all? Mr. B recipes seem awfully simple from a hops standpoint and I'm just wondering if a few extra steps might lead to a more complex flavor in the beer.
  5. Trying to upload / change a profile picture...using Chrome. Can't seem to do it. Tried 2 different pics. What's up?
  6. My wish list is completely gone and I can't remember everything I had on it...
  7. Ok guys. I will proceed as planned and let you know. Will quit looking and chill out for a while until bottling day next week. This is my first fruit addition (only 3rd batch overall) and I really don't want to screw it up so I'm a little paranoid.
  8. How can you tell if your batch is infected? A week ago I added pureed Raspberries as per Velvet Velociraptor's recipe, but a week after high krausen instead. I could have sworn I sanitized my blender thoroughly. I go to check my LBK (2 weeks into fermentation) and see the attached. I can't tell if the clumps are bacteria colonies, trub off the top, or seeds from the raspberries. Temp in the LBK has been perfect entire time. No strange odors are permiating out of the LBK - only the smell of typical fermentation. Any thoughts from the community? Proceed or pitch?? Thanks!
  9. Is that going to affect the ABV? How do I account for added sugar in ABV calculations? I have the OG taken before I pitched.
  10. I'm trying a Velvet Velociraptor for #3 batch. After a week of primary fermentation, I added pureed fruit to the wort - gently and quickly as advised on this community. As soon as I did it, the wort bubbled up vigorously and almost immediately went back into high krausen state. I'm monitoring it and everything seems to be under control but there is now a layer of foam or trub on top (similar to high krausen). Wort temp is a nice 68 F... Is this repeated foamy layer normal? What should I watch out for going forward to make sure the batch doesn't get compromised? Thanks!
  11. Thanks. We will see. I'm using one of the stick on thermometers. It's placed on the LBK below the water line of the wort. Would that measure the air temp or the temp of the wort in the LBK? When I placed refrigerated water in the LBK before mixing in the wort concentrate (as per Mr. Beer instructions), the thermometer was reading in the low 50's, so I would think it was measuring the inside temp fairly closely rather than measuring the external air temps. Once I mixed in the hot wort concentrate, the thermometer was reading in the high 60's. I pitched the yeast while the temp was in the high 60's, but over time the wort warmed up. Just not sure how accurate or reliable the stick on thermometer is and whether it can be trusted even after putting frozen bottles in the cooler with the LBK...
  12. Just stumbled on this thread after starting a batch 3 days ago. High krausen seems to have just completed and I monitored temp along the way while I have kept in a cooler. It stayed in the low 70s the whole time. Having read this thread I decided to put a frozen water bottle in the cooler to bring the temp down to the upper 60s. Is it too late since high krausen already occurred? Or will flavors be ok since I still have almost 2.5 weeks of fermentation left?
  13. I think this is what happened cause I used hot water to wash and rinse. I kept the lid and spigot off when drying. So, will the scent have any effects on the taste/aroma of the next batch? Should I even be concerned about the scent?
  14. I am almost positive I thoroughly cleaned out my LBK after my last batch... I used Craftmeister Brewery Wash and used a gentle sponge to rub (not scrub) out all of the residue immediately after I bottled the last batch. It's been a few weeks and my LBK has been sitting idle since. I'm getting ready to start another batch and noticed an odor inside the LBK, kind of like a beer and leftover trub odor. I looked inside and didn't see anything left over, and I didn't feel any residue on the inside. Is this odor normal? Is it a sign of a well-seasoned LBK? Or do I need to scrub out again? I would think that the sanitizing would take care of anything prior to brewing. Have others noticed this in their LBK's? Thanks,
  15. Those sound good. I'll look into those. I don't really have any one particular style. Maybe seasonal styles for the particular time of year or that go well with the weather at that time. With the summer coming up, I thought an IPA would be pretty refreshing in the heat. One of my all time favorites is Lagunitas IPA from Petaluma, CA. I'd love to find one close to that one! Any other suggestions?
  16. Hey all, I was looking through some of the Mr. B recipes and was wondering what some of the most popular and highly rated ones are? Some have reviews, others don't. The ones with reviews have so few that it's tough to make a call as to whether they are overall reliable or accurate. Some of the ones that don't sound pretty good, but it's hard to tell. Is there a general consensus for favorites and what are they?
  17. Hi all...was looking at the different types of yeasts available at Mr. Beer. I was wondering if there are certain yeasts that go better with particular beer recipes or beer types? I've read lot about how yeasts are important for flavors and such. But I can't find much on what the different types of strains produce flavor-wise. Any advice?
  18. Got it! Thanks all! Will try and let everyone know!
  19. I've read about doing this a few time, but was worried about screwing up the fermentation or exposing it to contaminants. Any advise on how to prevent that? What's the major difference in doing it a week later vs. on brewing day?
  20. Hi all! I'm a week into my bottled batch #2 in my LBK, the Irish Stout. First batch was the Aztec and it turned out OK, nothing special. I had low expectations on #1 batch as I was using it to learn the process. Based on the pre-botted sample of the Stout, it should turn out to be pretty good. Was hoping to branch out a bit and try something a little more interesting yet not too complicated seeing how I'm still learning. Was leaning toward the Velvet Velociraptor since I already have most of the recipe. Any advise before I get started that can help make it a better batch? I've been reading a lot in the forums and have already learned quite a few tips and tricks that have helped a lot b/w #1 and #2 batches. Wanted to hear more from those that have brewed the recipe. Thanks!
  21. Very interesting. I just started my second batch (Irish Stout) and used regular cane sugar this time. I used the carbo drops on the first one (Aztec). I'm anxious to see if there's a difference, but I noticed a few of the same characteristics that you mention on the first one. I know there's a lot of priming sugar alternatives depending on your recipe, but if there were only 2 options (i.e. table sugar vs. carbo drops), what would the consensus be as the goto source for priming?
  22. Question: Immediately after bottling my first batch, I just rinsed out my LBK a few times with warm/hot water and then rinsed it with the Craftmeister Oxygen wash. I didn't use any rags or sponges to wipe off the inside walls of the LBK. Instead, I just used my hands and gave the LBK a good shaking while the mix was inside (similar to sanitizing). Was this enough? Or am I at risk of a spoiled second batch that I just started? Just got my LBK for x-mas and am still learning the best practices. Thanks!
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