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  1. Use my well water in TX.... lovely stuff
  2. thanks mates! yeah..holiday helped me to lose track of all time tables! :0
  3. yeah so..well... effed up and forgot to order bottles.... on holiday....what can i say..? I've got Czech Pils in the fermenter... almost 5 weeks....will bottle as soon as they get here ..but is this going to be a detriment to the brew? curious..... Blue_House
  4. Flat! if there's a hint of apple.. wait another week...
  5. welcome and mega ditto to what Rick said..... will save you much abuse in the near future lol
  6. Bottle away!!!!! I waited 3 weeks on my first batch... as opposed to the 2 suggested..and my sip was flat and a bit vinegary....just a hint.. but there.. now enduring week 3 on the wait for those bottles!!! cheers.
  7. Had another local brew dog tell me of saniclean..... that'll be my next shopping list....http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=saniclean
  8. recently aquired a appropriated a couple of rubber maid tubs for such activity! should be interesting! I was almost giddy when i noticed that after 2 weeks.. my first batch exploded in the LBK!!!
  9. just saw this about Plasma Porter.... may be my next brew.... *Due to the amount of fermentable sugars in this recipe, it is critical that you keep your fermentation temperatures at or below the recommended values. Not doing so may cause your brew to overflow or blow the lid off of your LBK. lol... any others experience this?? bh
  10. ginger extract makes my mouth water!!!! LOL advie how that goes!
  11. amen to that! have to drive home very carefully..so as not to arouse suspicion (no DWI here!)..but dont' want anyone to see the mason jars!!!!
  12. Noob to the craft as well.... and i can tell u this place (forum) is a gold MINE!! happy brewing! cheers
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