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  1. I let mine sit for 4 weeks before trying. Lots of carbonation, definitely bitter aftertaste, head so thick I can use a fork and remove it. Should the head be that thick?
  2. I wanted to add my experience quick. Northwest Pale Craft is my second brew, the classic was the first and thanks to the community it was rescued by leaving it in the bottle in storage before chilling it again. The Northwest was left fermenting at 3 weeks and in storage for 4 as recommended. Put in the fridge and opened it today, carbonation seemed ok, pour produced no head at all. Color looks as described on Mr Beer site, and I can see bubbles. However it tastes a little green still. or as I never had this before, perhaps it is because I don't know what it should be like. Temps stayed between 69-72 during its time fermenting. Ideas? Do I leave it in storage for longer.
  3. Sorry if I missed a post on the same question. Should you also prop the 8Lx? I noticed trubal collected around the spigot so a few bottles have that now.
  4. I let the NW Pale Ale it ferment to 4 weeks! Oops! Is this a big mistake?
  5. My American Light batch started with the 2-2-2, then after another post put back in the cupboard for another two weeks. I jumped the gun and put one in the fridge 2 days shy of the this last 2 weeks in cupboard. took out, opened, not big fizzy opening. I can feel the carbonation ,though not as much as I would have thought. When poured into the glass, no foam, taste is much better than 2 weeks ago. What went wrong? The Pale Also is on week 4 fermenting. Will bottle this weekend and leave it for 3-4 weeks.
  6. Thanks for the what has to be the fastest Forums response! They are back in the cupboard. So why doesn't Mr Beer change the information if the majority feels the same? I realize its not a perfect science, and thank goodness! Otherwise it wouldn't be this fun! I'm sure that has been asked and probably answered. Ill keep digging. ***NWPA - 4 weeks, will do!
  7. So I followed the instructions and did the 2-2-2. The first batch is in the fridge on the last week. I tasted one, not great. Can I take them all out put back in the cupboard? Or is it a write off? I also have the Northwest Pale Ale in the 8Lx fermenting on week 3.
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