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  1. All my brewing experiences are learning experiences...
  2. Just bottled: Imperial Pilsner, Noche del Lobo Mexican Amber

    Fermenting: nothing yet - still too cold for the Smitten Bovine

    Conditioning: St. Brigid Blonde, Schwarzbier, Ludwig's Marzen

    Drinking: Peanut Butter Porter, Wild Wheat, Cowgirl Honey Blonde, Shade Tree Kolsch

    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Brew a lager.  Just sayin'?

    2. Eric's Latest Mistake

      Eric's Latest Mistake

      No time like the present.  Thus my current conditioning condition. B)

  3. Not too bad. I still have a few left that will welcome a warm spell. They have a nice crispness. Good luck on yours and post your recipe if it turns out well. I'm still mostly extract, especially if my wife has any opinion.
  4. Just bottled: Ludwig's Marzen - I should tell my wife I CAN get something done early ;-)

    Fermenting: Imperial Pilsner, Noche del Lobo Mexican Amber

    Conditioning: St. Brigid Blonde, Schwarzbier

    Next up: ? Smitten Bovine? POTUS Porter (or is it now Prior POTUS Porter)? 

    Drinking / Defusing: ensuring "inventory rotation" but still require a splash guard with my lager. Maybe I label it "best enjoyed outdoors"

  5. This really sounds interesting, especially after having had a Xocoveza last week. A few years back I roasted some serrano peppers to kick up some of the Cerveza. Good idea, bad execution. The heat was too "forward." This sounds like the heat would be an undercurrent. Also, I had not thought about the physics of packing the hopsacks. Every brewing experience is a learning experience.
  6. Looks like a happy day in your future. My batch of cold-fermented Baltic porter didn't last long enough to probably reach its true potential. I may have to steal back the ones sitting in my coworkers' fridge. I'll leave him an IPA or a witbier instead. Its been there for months, taunting me. I've not done the barrel thing yet. I'm not a bourbon fan but a clean barrel would impart some oak or smoke to it, wouldn't it? Of course I'd have to wait even longer enjoy it.
  7. Just bottled: Shade Tree Kolsch, Belgian Blanc

    Fermenting: chocolate peanut butter porter

    Just brewed: St. Brigid Blonde

    Next up: ? dunkelweizen? Vienna lager?

  8. Just bottled: Shade Tree Kolsch

    Fermenting: Belgian Blanc

    just brewed: chocolate peanut butter porter

    next up: St. Brigid Blonde

  9. That recipe sounds like something to try or tweak, with one of my surplus Bavarians (Rural King closeout ). I do appreciate the tip to wrap THE BEER in paper towel (saved an awkward conversation with Mrs. Mistake...) So there's no BJCP category for Franken-beers? Here There Be Wheat Dragons? Abandon all Hop, Ye who go here? Seriuosly, thanks to all for hints, tips, tweaks, and FtLoGDDT!s
  10. I use the Avery software/online tool (depending on what machine I'm on) and the small removable labels (4 x 8 to a sheet.) They stand up well to moisture and are easy to peel off when done. One sheet per LBK batch, with enough blanks that I can get my fourth batch or backs from the leftovers. Not that I'm cheap or anything . I like the idea of labeling the outside of the box, as mine are generally by batch with some overflow.
  11. Hoppy, you've got to make sure you plant them adhesive side up
  12. My basement brew room stays reasonably cool (fermenting 68-70-ish) through the summer and turns over to lagers come winter. If I move an LBK to our garage or barn, I'll certainly get more heat but will the fluctuation through the day stress the yeast and give the "flop-sweat" esters / cat urine smell? Hey, if some of you more adventurous types use that as an adjunct, I won't judge... I've run a couple of saison batches to reasonable success (at least to me) but wondered if I was playing too safe with the temps. Thanks, all, for the education and overall collaborative/coaching vibe of the community!
  13. Just bottled: Brickwarmer Red Ale, Wild Wheat, Cowgirl Honey Light (my timing bunched up a bit)

    Fermenting: Shade Tree Kolsch

    Next up: Belgian Blanc and a peanut butter porter

  14. Still pretty basic but a little color does wonders.
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