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  1. Just bottled: Imperial Pilsner, Noche del Lobo Mexican Amber

    Fermenting: nothing yet - still too cold for the Smitten Bovine

    Conditioning: St. Brigid Blonde, Schwarzbier, Ludwig's Marzen

    Drinking: Peanut Butter Porter, Wild Wheat, Cowgirl Honey Blonde, Shade Tree Kolsch

    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Brew a lager.  Just sayin'?

    2. Eric's Latest Mistake

      Eric's Latest Mistake

      No time like the present.  Thus my current conditioning condition. B)

  2. Just bottled: Ludwig's Marzen - I should tell my wife I CAN get something done early ;-)

    Fermenting: Imperial Pilsner, Noche del Lobo Mexican Amber

    Conditioning: St. Brigid Blonde, Schwarzbier

    Next up: ? Smitten Bovine? POTUS Porter (or is it now Prior POTUS Porter)? 

    Drinking / Defusing: ensuring "inventory rotation" but still require a splash guard with my lager. Maybe I label it "best enjoyed outdoors"

  3. Just bottled: Shade Tree Kolsch, Belgian Blanc

    Fermenting: chocolate peanut butter porter

    Just brewed: St. Brigid Blonde

    Next up: ? dunkelweizen? Vienna lager?

  4. Just bottled: Shade Tree Kolsch

    Fermenting: Belgian Blanc

    just brewed: chocolate peanut butter porter

    next up: St. Brigid Blonde

  5. Just bottled: Brickwarmer Red Ale, Wild Wheat, Cowgirl Honey Light (my timing bunched up a bit)

    Fermenting: Shade Tree Kolsch

    Next up: Belgian Blanc and a peanut butter porter

  6. Just bottled: Chewbeerca and a Honey Brown Ale

    Fermenting: Brickwarmer Red

    next up: Honey Blond and Wild Wheat

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