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  1. Thanks again for all the input...Boards have been a wealth of information.....Brew on!!
  2. Thanks for all the input...."Beer is good"....
  3. Thx.....very helpful!....smh
  4. As I was checking on my LBK, I noticed a fruit fly hovering around it. I was just wondering if they can breach the vent slots on the LBK?...if so will it contaminate my brew?....Normally I ferment in a cooler but out of town work beckons.....any experiences or advice would be highly appreciated..
  5. Bottle my first batch of this recipe today....can't wait to try it!...
  6. I got my brew kit for Christmas this year and have been at it ever since!...thanks to this forum im still here...thanks Sir Rick beer and all the great info that is available ....brew on...
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