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  1. "I was surprised how much trub was in secondary" Well no $h!t it was only in the primary for a week. Blah blah blah. I get a kick out of people who loose their crap when the inferiority complex kicks in. What people like that need to understand is that the secondary is not required and is optional. I, personally, have experienced better beer when racking to secondary so I don't need to know what others are doing. Now one can say "But how dare you oxidize your beer I don't care about clarity cause I..." I don't care about what people whom I've never given two thoughts about, like the guy that posted that rant, does or doesn't do. As an adult I've learned to gather my own information and come up with my own conclusions without prejudice as to popular opinion. So he had a tasting party....that's cute. As a grown man I'm the only one who cares what my beer taste like and my taste buds like the secondary. If anyone else can't taste or see the difference that sounds more like a personal problem.
  2. You could use a low foaming sanitizer like SaniClean or even something like BTF Iodophor.
  3. But there is a super hot girl that lives on the longer road. Boom.
  4. That's why I have a couple of beers while I make it.....
  5. Some people put bubble wrap around their kids so why not put it around their yeast
  6. You're probably better off racking from the fridge.
  7. Apples and oranges... You're talking about a thermodynamic occurrence of two different gasses. If PV=nRT (absolute pressure of the gas x volume of gas = amount of substance of gas x the universal constant x the temperature of the gas) then how water molecules react is way different than how CO2 molecules react. A pound of gold and a pound of cotton weigh the same but they take up a different area.
  8. http://community.mrbeer.com/topic/33550-convenient-way-to-purge-lbk/?hl=%2Bconvenient+%2Bway
  9. Your priming sugar depends on what the HIGHEST temperature it reached. For example if you fermented at 64f than you would calculate for 64f not 34f. As far as cold crashing a dark beer you really don't have to. If you do then 3 days at 34-40f.
  10. I secondary everything and never had an issue with oxidation. You have to be completely incompetent to oxidize your beer. If you can hear the beer splash then you're doing it wrong. I put a small clamp to slow the flow on the siphon tube so that the beer doesn't move too fast. People say it's just a cosmetic issue and has no affect on the beer and that's fine. I'm just not that lazy
  11. I will have something up next week hopefully.
  12. HAHA... Ya, but this guy gave me a lot of work when I use to fix computers. He's one of 5 old customers I still do stuff for on the side....Plus his sister is hot.
  13. Might be a little sweet with the US-04. Nottingham is a little drier in case that's not what you're after. If so then brew on
  14. Your setup is similar to what I want to try. I was installing a liquid cooled CPU processor for a friend and I got it into my head I could apply that to a fermentation vessel.
  15. 6oz of lactose? is it a 2gal batch?
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