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  1. I’m gonna try to stop by once in awhile!
  2. Doing good Sarge! Just working all the time from my so called promotion! Lol! Thought finally I earned the respect from 33 years in the industry! Nope! Lol! Finally getting to brew some beer now!!!
  3. Well that sucks I’ll be dead by 2026
  4. I always use the James Bond method I like my LBK’s “ Skaken not Stirred”
  5. Well I think I might have an American barley wine something in the making. Something sitting in a whiskey barrel going on a year and a half taste something like a barley wine if you want to call it. It was originally a rum oak amber ale that developed a sour taste due to an infection at the time in secondary fermenter with the rum and oak chips. I had just dumped my whiskey barrel and decided to throw that in there just to keep liquid in it to keep it sealed. I tried a sampler last month out of curiosity and was surprised the sour taste has deminshed and it’s more a flavor of wine
  6. I’ve been looking at trying to find the 1980 recipe in mr beer archives called Peanut Butter Mustard and Greens. No I don’t have the extract from that year, but maybe a substitute??
  7. First of all it’s s high drinkable beer and low in abv%, do for starters I’d use saflager 189 yeast , maybe to keep it on the lighter side, a Pilsen dried malt extract or even extra golden lite. A very mildly hopped lager, I would use Spaz hops and if u decide to use any grains mix some malted barley in there to clean the beer up a bit. If your not worried about color too much throw in a can of mr beer octoberfest! Heck if you want more authentic flavor throw the can in there to!
  8. I use a minimum of 24 boosters in all my beer recipes, tastes like vodka in my coffee
  9. I dry out my miller lite and it becomes cocaine, but all in all I prefer vodka in my coffee
  10. I brewed up a can dating back to October 12, 1942, and I must say all in all, I prefer vodka in my coffee
  11. I just got 4 of these on sale , has anyone got a recipe for a Scottish ale with this as a base?
  12. Wow!!! First Kegorators now Kangeroos! What will they think up next????
  13. Has anyone ever tried brewing with a wooden shoe? I keep seeing this item in my a.g. recipes and I really don’t know when I should add it?
  14. I know this is late response compliments to your beer but recently I got another friend Finally started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit I gave him over a year ago along with a Dortmunder and an Octoberfest lager. About a few months ago he asked me to come over and help him get started on this kit and when I got over to his house he had these two beers in the fridge. It dawned on me that one of them was a Dortmunder I brewed with 6 german hops. We poured two glasses worth and I must say that was probably the best german lager I’ve ever tasted! Plus I drank it Very slow bcuz of the ABV% slap in the face! My friend told me if I had enuf patience I cud enjoy this! I really just can’t wait a year man.....
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