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  1. Now if Rick is talking about the “ industrial size “ propane tank for rural homes that are filled like every two to three months, then these replies do not apply .
  2. For some who weren’t around during the “ Seasonal “ craft beers that I miss dearly, Hellesbock, ESB, Dortmunder ( my fav.), Imperial Ale, Australian Sparkling Ale, and others I can’t remember. They were the One Step above the Craft Brews you buy now. Can the Old Guys who were here during the Seasonal days remember the others?
  3. I cold crash too many times, passing out in backyard during cold months while attempting to make a bonfire
  4. I’ll check on remaining dates on Saturday, only time off day, and will attempt to check dates before I’m drunk.
  5. To add, Uhaul will basically fill just about any tank you have as long as it’s up to date with its certification. Simular to CO2 bottles certification.
  6. Kinda late response, but congrats on the retirement! I’m using an outdoor propane burner that works fantastic! I think it’s a Blichmann, got a floor model and not all parts were there so the store owner took $50.00 off . Best brewing investment I’ve made. Now I use the common bbq grill size propane tanks and can usually get three batches of beer out of one full tank. Unfortunately, the brand tanks sold at lumber stores like Home Depot, and Lowe’s or any big lumber retailer, the tanks are only 65% filled. When I found this out from a friend, he told me to go to Uhaul where they max out to 80-85% capacity. And the cost here is half to fill than at the larger retailers. Plus one of the employees that work at Uhaul purges the tank beginning of fill to rid of any extra air that shouldn’t be in the tank and therefore, allow more consistent gas into the tank.
  7. This may be it, I can’t remember.
  8. A follow up on that Kveik I brewed last year. I might have a pic of it. I presoaked juniper berries for a week to alter water flavor and added alder wood chunks too. Was trying to do the authentic Norwegian way. I even purchased two different Norwegian yeast shipped from Norway ( knowing my luck probably shaved yeast out of a bread bowl in a run down apartment in the Bronx.) it turned out ok, maybe over did it with the juniper berry thing. Will try again brewing next time when I’m not drunk.
  9. Bry 97 is my go to ipa killa yeast! Bad thing is only local brew shop discontinued it a year ago. If I have a stuck fermentation and outta Safale 05, I use this and has never failed! I’ll sometimes even mix with liquid yeast and never had any issues. It’s like workhorse for ipa.
  10. Brewed up a 90 minute ipa last weekend, only first brew for the year!! Really sucks! Work has me buried and so does the weather! Planning next Saturday rain or shine, a Dead Ringer IPA!
  11. The last pic, the dates are between 2016-17
  12. There’s a few more I think in a box but I may be wrong, I did have some Muntons too that’s more recent and mainly used for quick Cerveza recipes. I’ll have to get the dates on these. I think the 3 cans of Hellesbock is around 2016 ( don’t seem expanded) and I used to cans last year for a dopplebock and it was fine. I have 2 ESB’s a few Coopers brand. 3 winter dark ale, a bunch of lager , 3 american ale, the newest, Imperial ale ( 2018-19?). Like 4 Canadian, 4 American Light, 2-3 Bavarian and one can of Czech. I’m pretty sure Rick will want them all so he can throw them at Mich coach when they fire him.
  13. Ok so I’ve had these cans of lme in storage for quite some time and some date back to 1932. I really don’t know when I’ll ever get to them so I’ll offer up free for anyone interested they pay shipping charges. That’ll free up some closet space bcuz I’m tired of coming out of the closet........... and tripping over all of these cans while I’m accepting my true identity by coming out of the closet and tripping over these cans!! I need help!!!
  14. The YouTube video title is Traditional Eastern Norwegian Brew: Semi Raw ( part 1&2). Well worth watching
  15. I believe I still have a few cans of this stuff, dating back to 2014. Pretty sure if I chug it now I almost know I won’t get the COVID, but pretty sure I’ll get something else. It may be hardened by now, I could use it to throw at an attempted home invasion intruder?
  16. I actually brewed a kveik a recipe from Austin Home brew Supply kit. But I kinda screwed up, I threw in a bunch of old malt, grains, lime and dme and I still have a 3 gal. keg I haven’t tapped, scared too. But my next adventure will be a more authentic one. Going by the BYO article and Video on YouTube of the same brewer who gives out more info on how he makes this specialty brew. Definitely a must see video, 2 part. He speaks English quite well too , but kept saying “ yep!” A lot. I won’t start my brew til September when it’ll still be warm enough for the yeast to react considerably. The Norwegian brewer was brewing his beer @ minus 12 celcius. That’s pretty cold
  17. Is or has anyone attempted a kveik?
  18. Well I finally brewed the Tank 7 and it’s in the keg until I run out of the other kegs full of beer. I just want to Tank all of you for your support and tanking you for your patience for my very late response to this topic. I do have the recipe if any are curious. I’m tinking that I may tap that keg here in September or so but not sure just yet. So I really won’t know the flavor/ profile until then.
  19. I’ve basically given up on the liquid yeast instant pitch thing, they are too vulnerable and inconsistent with their labeling. I usually use a starter on all liquid or hit it before sealing the fermenter with a can of wort and maybe a pack of dry yeast if stuck. Seems the canned wort has been pretty effective for me. Even the new organic yeast brands along with Omega and other newer brands sometimes go lame too.
  20. Never heard of pink boots hop, but I do have a pair of waterproof pink boots I wear in the rain!
  21. Hey everyone!! I just got back from Uranus study and WoW! A lot has changed since I’ve been knee deep in my work! I wear a helmut when I’m out on the surface of Uranus not just because of lack of oxygen , it really is a smelly place!! Now everywhere I go here on earth people are wearing masks. Didn’t know that Uranus rubs off so close to home planet?? Anywho, hope everyone is still enjoying a great brewing moment with all the crazy things going on in this society. I subscribe to BYO magazine and the most recent issue is about a Norwegian brewer brewing a traditional Norwegian ale the old school way that dates back to the 1700’s. He’s also on YouTube 2 part video which I finally discovered yesterday. Very interesting magazine article and video. Already got my kveik yeast shipped from Norway, got one pound juniper berries and branches, alderwood and waiting for the month of September to arrive to begin the first attempt of this interesting concoction of Viking history!!!
  22. I got mugged on New Years night!! Is the same thing we are talking bout?
  23. I’m fortunate to have powdered water, all I have to do is add water
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