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  1. The YouTube video title is Traditional Eastern Norwegian Brew: Semi Raw ( part 1&2). Well worth watching
  2. I believe I still have a few cans of this stuff, dating back to 2014. Pretty sure if I chug it now I almost know I won’t get the COVID, but pretty sure I’ll get something else. It may be hardened by now, I could use it to throw at an attempted home invasion intruder?
  3. I actually brewed a kveik a recipe from Austin Home brew Supply kit. But I kinda screwed up, I threw in a bunch of old malt, grains, lime and dme and I still have a 3 gal. keg I haven’t tapped, scared too. But my next adventure will be a more authentic one. Going by the BYO article and Video on YouTube of the same brewer who gives out more info on how he makes this specialty brew. Definitely a must see video, 2 part. He speaks English quite well too , but kept saying “ yep!” A lot. I won’t start my brew til September when it’ll still be warm enough for the yeast to react considerably. The Norwegian brewer was brewing his beer @ minus 12 celcius. That’s pretty cold
  4. Is or has anyone attempted a kveik?
  5. Well I finally brewed the Tank 7 and it’s in the keg until I run out of the other kegs full of beer. I just want to Tank all of you for your support and tanking you for your patience for my very late response to this topic. I do have the recipe if any are curious. I’m tinking that I may tap that keg here in September or so but not sure just yet. So I really won’t know the flavor/ profile until then.
  6. I’ve basically given up on the liquid yeast instant pitch thing, they are too vulnerable and inconsistent with their labeling. I usually use a starter on all liquid or hit it before sealing the fermenter with a can of wort and maybe a pack of dry yeast if stuck. Seems the canned wort has been pretty effective for me. Even the new organic yeast brands along with Omega and other newer brands sometimes go lame too.
  7. Never heard of pink boots hop, but I do have a pair of waterproof pink boots I wear in the rain!
  8. Hey everyone!! I just got back from Uranus study and WoW! A lot has changed since I’ve been knee deep in my work! I wear a helmut when I’m out on the surface of Uranus not just because of lack of oxygen , it really is a smelly place!! Now everywhere I go here on earth people are wearing masks. Didn’t know that Uranus rubs off so close to home planet?? Anywho, hope everyone is still enjoying a great brewing moment with all the crazy things going on in this society. I subscribe to BYO magazine and the most recent issue is about a Norwegian brewer brewing a traditional Norwegian ale the old school way that dates back to the 1700’s. He’s also on YouTube 2 part video which I finally discovered yesterday. Very interesting magazine article and video. Already got my kveik yeast shipped from Norway, got one pound juniper berries and branches, alderwood and waiting for the month of September to arrive to begin the first attempt of this interesting concoction of Viking history!!!
  9. I got mugged on New Years night!! Is the same thing we are talking bout?
  10. I’m fortunate to have powdered water, all I have to do is add water
  11. I’ve always re used condoms, but never tried yeast?
  12. I cold crashed only once and it wasn’t pretty!!! I was pretty drunk one evening driving an ice truck in winter time . Well you can guess what happened next!!!
  13. Career and drunken stupors and oh yeah venture to the upside down world from Stranger Than My Ex Things
  14. I have a telescope as well!! But it’s stationary and cannot remove it from facing my single neighbors windows
  15. Well I did have an infected rum oak ale that I just left in that barrel for about 2 1/2 years. And just last weekend I decided to remove and transfer into bottles then I come to find out that I only had about two gallons in a five gallon barrel??? Maybe I sampled some thru the year?
  16. I think I have a yeast infection
  17. Finally after dozens of months and different attempts from recommended recipes to kits from various suppliers. Boulevard has a nice story spread of their brewing history and detailed capabilities on how they’ve achieved brewing great beers like one of my favorites, Tank 7! In the most current BYO magazine this year they’ve included two of their best sellers which one just so happens to be Tank 4!!!!! I’ll be posting it soon. My thoughts on many attempts to match the color were perhaps I should use Pilsner malt instead of the go to pale malt in the other recipes. The recipe in BYO is Pilsner malt so I’m pretty sure this should be a close match. I’ll post the Tank 22 recipe later this week after I consume the rest of the Tank 97 and all the other Tank 1 , Tank negative 3 and Tanked Up 990.
  18. My father returned from a bucket list European tour and was in the Czech Republic for a few days and brought home a few cans of beer. Little did I know that the Budweiser family is actually Czechoslovakian??? That is the very original family and so I have this can of Czech Budweiser
  19. Hello I’m a newbie at fly fishing and star gazing. What wood be the best tyme to fish under the stars while influenced with lots of brewskies?
  20. I’m gonna try to stop by once in awhile!
  21. Doing good Sarge! Just working all the time from my so called promotion! Lol! Thought finally I earned the respect from 33 years in the industry! Nope! Lol! Finally getting to brew some beer now!!!
  22. Well that sucks I’ll be dead by 2026
  23. I always use the James Bond method I like my LBK’s “ Skaken not Stirred”
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