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  1. Ok. Thanks for the input. Personally, I enjoy a smoother beer, and like the taste of the Ocktoberfest's in the fermenter. I just expected the beer to taste more "hoppy" or bitter. This batch was brewed using the deluxe refill kit, so my batch has the LME softpack addition. Thanks Again.
  2. Hello guys, I'm fermenting my second batch of beer (Oktoberfest with LME/DME) and 2.5 weeks into the fermentation process. I just sampled the Ocktoberfest in the fermenter, and have a few questions. I was surprised the beer was smooth, and almost "light' in its flavor. I expected a darker beer to have much more bitterness, and a bold, full-flavor. My beer tastes like a light beer, with a wheat smoothness. Is this normal? Will the flavor change during the conditioning process? I have been holding fermenter around 68*, and I used spring water. I appreciate everybody's advice. Thanks Zane
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