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  1. Mmmm. . . . I do enjoy Boulevard's 80 Acre. I may have to try this one.
  2. The problem is, as good as they taste already, it's going to be hard to keep myself from drinking more. Perhaps I can divert myself by plotting my next batch.
  3. It was delicious. Actually, I rushed one bottle because the person who gave me the kit was coming over today. It has only been two weeks since bottling, but I chilled a single bottle today to have something to show my benefactor. I figured it would be pretty green and perhaps still a little flat, but it was REALLY tasty. I'm going to give the rest of the batch (Grand Czech Pilsner) another week at least to condition, but if the one I opened tonight is any indication, those will really rock.
  4. Same for me. I'm missing at least one refill of each variety, and two of some. ;-)
  5. Mmmmmm . . . pear cider . . . I'm thinking I need to buy the pear cider kit to make for my wife. She (a) doesn't much like beer, ( can't tolerate gluten even if she did like beer, and © spent a long time ogling the pear cider in the catalogue section of my booklet when she was helping me bottle yesterday. I don't know about the caramel extract, but I might have to consider that addition.
  6. I bottled my Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner today! It's only been two weeks, so I tasted it on principle while expecting to wait another week--but it tasted GOOD! Not cidery at all. I don't want to be cocky. I know I'm just starting to let the bottles carbonate, I know things can still go wrong, and I know this was a pretty basic one to make, but this has been really straightforward. It's been simple, in fact. There may be fancier ways to make your own beer, but the LBK kit is certainly a snap to use for a beginner. Now, I just have to wait a couple more weeks . . .
  7. I am massively jealous. I am ready for my first taste . . . but my beer isn't.
  8. I've got my LBK in a pan already, but I didn't know three weeks was better than two until I showed up here. Thanks! Patience will be rewarded, I suppose.
  9. I just got started tonight as well. My wife was busy on a project of hers and my LBK has been needing to be put to use since its acquisition, so it made for a cozy Valentine's Night. The smell of malt was mighty romantic.
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