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  1. Look at the links in RickBeer's post. Read each of them, more than once if necessary, and you will gain a better understanding of brewing. I started brewing a year ago January after getting a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. I've brewed about 20, 2-gallon batches last year and I have to thank the folks in here for all the knowledge they are so willing to pass on. The color of your wort will depend on the type of beer you're brewing... lagers are fairly clear, wheat beers are cloudy, it all just depends on the beer you're brewing. Like RickBeer said, the layer in the bottom is the "TRUB." Again, look at his link for Mr. Beer Glossary for definitions of terms you may not understand right off... it's a valuable tool.
  2. And just think what it will take like after 8 weeks... I have learned that patience truly pays off when brewing. The only thing I've drank at 4 weeks is the Wheat beers I've brewed. It truly is a fun hobby...
  3. I've only had the one gusher and that was my own stupidity for opening it when it was about 65 degrees and had not been chilled at all. Those that I have chilled for 3 days basically oozed out of the bottle after opening slowly. i just received the rest of the ingredients for another batch and I'm going to try it again... So, we'll see if I can do better on my second batch of Staggerback...
  4. Three days in the fridge and opening it very, very slowly, foam oozes out of the bottle, but does not gush. Huge amount of foam on the beer when pouring it very slowly down the side of the glass. Beer tastes so good, I am going to brew another Staggerback when I get the remaining ingredients. This time, I may let it ferment for an extra week and compare it to this batch to see if it eliminates some of the foaming.
  5. I'll let you know in a couple of days what it's like after 3 days in the fridge.
  6. Sounds more like an infection than anything else. The OG was 1.074 and FG was 1.020 after 18 days of fermenting. Since it came out with an ABV of 7.09, I only took one reading.
  7. I don't think there's an infection, the beer tastes great... When I chilled the second beer (only for 1 day), we opened it very slowly allowing it to release CO2 slowly and it constantly overflowed the bottle even after the cap was off, but did not create a gusher. It did the same thing in the glass. We slow poured and the beer tasted really good, although I thought it still had a slight green taste to it. My thoughts were maybe I should have let it ferment a few more days??? I have two more in the fridge now that I plan to chill for the full three days and see what happens.
  8. Well, I know this thread had a few months on it, but I had my first bottle bomb in the last few days. I bottled my Staggerback Stout on August 29th and when I decided to sample another, I smelled the aroma of a freshly opened beer... To my dismay one of the bottle lay in numerous pieces in the case. The bottle literally disintegrated. I contribute this explosion on a bad bottle and probable over carbonation when I batch primed (used 9 tsp cane sugar for 2.13 gallons). When I sampled the first one about a week ago, it was a gusher. The beer, what was left, tasted GREAT. But, because of my own ignorance, I opened the bottle when it was about 65 degrees. I chilled two after that and it helped, but only slightly. So far none of the other bottles have committed suicide, but I will definitely open them over the sink from now on.
  9. WLP023 Burton Ale Yeast. First experience with liquid yeast.
  10. Reminiscent of the movie Labyrinth, and my perception of the aroma emanating from the Bog of Eternal Stench, I believe my recent vanilla Java Porter took a turn for the worse. When I remove the lid to the tub the LBK is in, the smell of something long since dead comes to mind. From the beginning: Steeped carapils and coffee malt for 30 minutes at 155-160 Added DME Boiled for about 10 minutes Added American Porter Added WLP023 liquid yeast at 67 F Added hop sack with dark roast caribou coffee cold brewed in a 1/2 cup home made vanilla (vodka & vanilla bean) after 10 days Maintained temps between 64 and 68 (closer to 68) The LBK overflowed on day two more than any other. High krausen lasted for close to 5 days. This is where the lovely aroma of carcass appeared. My thoughts are it is the yeast that is causing that aroma. But I am not sure. Fermentation will be done this next Saturday and I will cold crash it after taking my FG reading. I suppose this is where I will find out if it is the beer or not. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  11. And that is exactly why I think there should be the "RickBeer Award for Perfection" or maybe "His Highness' Most Excellent Brewer Award" given annually and an all expense paid trip to RickBeer's house to drink his most excellent beer (at the winner's expense of course).
  12. My thought is adding flavor either after 7 days or 14. If I add on day 14, since I like the coffee flavor more than the vanilla, I would use some cold-brewed coffee for my priming solution. But, that will depend on the taste at day 21 whether I add more coffee.
  13. Has anyone used this yeast before? I steeped carapils and coffee malt for my American Porter and pitched the WLP023 at 67F. The LBK overflowed on day two and now at day six, there is still 2-3" on top of the wort. Fermentation has been no less than 64F, but according to the stick-on thermometer, it has hovered around 68. When it overflowed, it only got to about 70 for that day. My plan is to add vanilla/coffee at day 7, but I am reluctant with so much activity going on with the yeast. Any thoughts?
  14. No, my American Porter is still fermenting. It's my plan to pour the vanilla/coffee into the fermenter after 7 days. I just put 1/2 oz in one bottle of porter I purchased at the store. A little too much vanilla. I used a little less (1/4 oz) in the second bottle and it tasted much better. But again that's my own preference. Everyone's taste will be different.
  15. Slym beat me to the punch by about two hours. But, I am experimenting with the American Porter to create a vanilla Java porter. I have a cup of vodka with vanilla bean and coarse ground coffee cold brewing. I bought a porter and put maybe a 1/2 oz of the vanilla coffee in. Slightly too much for my taste, so on the second beer, I used less and now I have a flavor I'll be shooting for.
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