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  1. I'm waiting for my next 24 lx refill( still thinking what I want to create) I have a few refills/ recipes left for an lbk, anyone know if I can ferment a lbk batch in a 24lx? reduce the water to match lbk and it'll be ok?.
  2. Want to thank Renee W for her help in an LBK replacement. very nice to work with. Mr. Beer customer support is top notch and will always get my business!
  3. been brewing in the lbk and wife bought me a 24lx for my birthday. this kit ships with he American classic light which I've brewed successfully brewed before. the ferment has been going for almost two weeks and I'm noticing bits of stuff floating around in the beer. is this normal? hoping I didn't ruin 6 gallons of beer!
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