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  1. Welcome to the forum and the obsession of brewing! The Belgian spiced Ae was really a great beer just ordered another one along with the Diablo IPA.
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone Im thinking twice now about going with it because of the crazy fermentation it had without LME. If I do go with one it'll probably be the pale or golden. Plus I like the spice taste it had by itself.
  3. I just got done tasting the 2013 Winter Seasonal, the Belgian Spiced Ale. That was a really delicious beer and i already ordered another one. I wanted to add a LME to the next batch but not sure which one would go best with this one. Anyone thinking about brewing this should jump on it ASAP if they like a good tast spiced ale, kind of like a Sam Adams Cold Snap. Thanks for any advice
  4. I plan to keep on building my pipeline, another fermentor and refill on its way. Thank you ebay haha
  5. After three weeks fermenting I have my Belgian spiced ale from the sale in bottles. I also brewed the st. Patrick's Irish stout that's in my fermentor now. Just checking in plus the CAL was tastier after conditioning.
  6. Thanks guys I could see me really getting into this hobby especially for the fact that I love beer. I'm sure you guys could relate. The start of an obsession
  7. Hey I'm a new brewer just made the classic American light. It tastes pretty much as described not a light beer person but not bad. Can't wait for the winter spiced ale to be done fermenting only one week in.
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