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  1. THC is fat soluble, not water soluble. Have yet to hear of brewing with weed, but I have heard of using hard liquor to make a tincture called "green dragon" http://www.greendragonsoda.com
  2. Hey victory I would worry that a direct application of heat pad to lbk would compromise the product, no? Without some sort of buffer (towel? air?) wouldn't the bottom of the LBK begin to warm up . . .possibly too high? Maybe another approach would be to place the heat pad on the far end of the cooler instead of directly underneath? Just thinking. . .trying to help. Disclaimer , I've never used a heat pad so I don't actually know how warm they can/could get.
  3. And over here on the other side of the country we are coming out of a nasty cold spell where daily highs were in the single digits. I had no problem keeping my temps down during high krausen but now as I enter my second week I'm fighting hard to keep 62 degrees (I have the lbk in a cooler kept close to the furnace. room closed of from rest of basement with a door. add a warm water bottle from time to time) It's cold. I worry and wonder when it becomes "too cold" and my little yeasties go dormant. hope it doesn't happen. Kind of like BBQ - "Slow and low" but we do the best we can, right?
  4. Hey Rockitman I too finished the Hacked Root Beer about a week before you did and I can tell you that I had many of the same observations you had. I noticed firm bottles right away (like 36 hours) and put 1 in the fridge and tried it 12 hours later. That was too early. So after 3 1/2 days I moved them all into the fridge (I was going away overnight after that and didn't want to risk any bombs) That seemed to be just right as the carb level was just fine for me. I will say that every few days or so now I'm taking a bottle out and trying one. . .and I'm noticing that they are getting "smoother" to the taste. I used just under 2 cups of white sugar and just under 1 cup of brown. I didn't add the vanilla extract but I am thinking that if I were to attempt this recipie again that I would add it. So all in all a success.
  5. Hello friends Bottled my hacked root beer Tuesday night at 7pm. Used just under 2 cups white sugar and just under 1 cup brown sugar. Did not have vented caps to use (long story) so I have been watching these bottles closely. 72 degrees. It's now been 36 hours and these bottles are pretty firm. Not rock hard, but not giving much. So I tossed 1/2 batch (4 bottles) in the fridge and thinking maybe leave the other 4 bottles? Or just get them all in the fridge? Seems early. . . Rick
  6. As always, AMAZING customer service! Thank you, team!
  7. Hello again all, been a long time. Love my Mr. Beer and have no problems up to this point Recently I ordered an additional LBK and Wild Wheat kit which, as you may know, contains 2 HME's The Dry Wheat Brewing Yeast was not under the Barvarian Weissbier lid. I'm sure of it. I've checked to see if it popped out and slid under the fridge, stove, baseboards. Nothing. Not available. Is it possible somewhere up the line it never got added under the lid? Now, I have extra 5g Brewers yeast not needed from previous orders (CAL) (with lots 07113 IM and 23714, respectively). Having worked in customer service most of my career I'm not one to complain over trivial things. So the question is: Do I add one of these extra 5g of brewers yeast I have, or is it worth it to talk with customer service regarding my options in obtaining the "Correct" wheat yeast as needed? Like I said, I'm not one to complain and if its really not going to make THAT much of a difference, I'll take the easier solution. Thanks for any and all advice, Rick
  8. Tried a bottle of Wild Wheat last night. Even better than the Blue Patriot! It was awesome by itself and even slightly better with a tiny bit of watermellon extract added to the bottom of the glass before pouring. Either my methods are improving or Im choosing better recipies! (Probably a little of both!) Hopithany White IPA is bottled, ready around memorial day. Thinking about steeping some grains for next batch (undecided what kind to make) way too much fun!
  9. I am also brewing an ale which uses the T 58 yeast as well(hopithany white IPA) and am also noticing a different smell coming from my fermentation. (First time using a diffedent yeast)I wouldn't necessarily say it is a sulfur smell (maybe..."sweaty"?) but it is different from the bread baking smells I have observed from prior batches using the Mr B supplied yeast. I think what we are observing here is what will end up being the personal characteristics of the T 58 Yeast when all is said and done. Or maybe it is SO2 as a natural byproduct of the process, either way I trust that all is good and have faith in the process. :-)
  10. I did 2oz of extract a week before bottling on the patriot blue recipe and that was plenty.
  11. As long as you were gentle i am sure you are fine. Others suggest placing your LBK in a cooler (igloo or other) for numerous reasons (temp control, spillage prevention, etc) and state moving the whole cooler as a unit will help keep the sloshing down to a minimum.
  12. So I'm now 4 batches in. Can't complain about the process nor the results. Nice little community here; the information available is great and i try to log in every day and read all the new stuff on all the topics. CAL and MAC now brewed, bottled and consumed. Neither one was terrible, neither one was great. Blue Patriot is now ready (following 3-4 of course)and i tried one last night after 3 days in fridge and you know what? Best one yet! Added the blueberry puree after first week and gently added 2 ozs blueberry extract after the second week. Spot on. Will let the other 7 liters condition even longer for improved performance but I am happy with the results. Bottled Wild Wheat today, should be ready (minimum) end of April. Have empty LBK now. Sad. Thinking hopithany white IPA next. Love the obsession. Thanks for the goodtimes Mr. Beer! Rick
  13. Hi all. Have Patriot Blue on day 21. Tempt kept at 64 for these 3 weeks except the last 3 days it fell to 62, never below 60. Using a quick warm (not hot) bottle in chamber to bring temp back up a little? I thought i read in here somewhere bringing temp back up near the end of fermentation for best results. Q#2 while im here...stated many times that people think MrB's sugar levels are a tad high. If not 2.5 tsp per 1L bottle what else would you suggest? Thanks, Rick B.
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