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  1. I always use fresh for sanitizing but often keep the old in a 5 gallon bucket to remove labels. I've found less than a handful of beers that the labels won't come off clean after soaking overnight in the old solution.
  2. I tried the Apricot Wheat last year with 2 cans of apricots. It was an OK wheat beer, but I was disappointed in how little Apricot flavor came through. You really had more of an Apricot aroma than actual flavor.
  3. If they do call customer service and complain that they sold you expired product, maybe they give you a refund? On a similar note around christmas time I found some American Lager refills on sale at the local K-Mart and when I was paying for them was asked if I'd like the replacement coverage for them. I was tempted . . .
  4. I was looking at the Powerful Patriot Ale recipe on the website and thinking about trying it since I currently have all the ingredients other than the 1 1/2oz Liberty Pellet Hops. However I do have 1/2 oz Glacier Hop Pellets left over from a brew last fall that have been in the freezer. I generally shy away from hoppy beer and really have no idea about the differences between different hops. Would this be an OK substitution?
  5. My LHBS sells these http://www.amazon.com/Swag-Brewery-753677408869-Candle-3-Pack/dp/B010GE30W4/ref=sr_1_3?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1457109366&sr=1-3&keywords=beer+scented+candle
  6. I really like this suggestion. I've gone into my LHBS and when I ask for suggestions I typically get well it depends on what's in the extract and they act like they've never heard of Mr Beer
  7. I had read that review and thought wow here's someone that hasn't done any reading.
  8. I'm lucky I can print my designs on a laser printer at work, on plain paper, that way the ink doesn't run when wet. You could probably do the same at a local Staples or Office Max for less than a buck a sheet. And then I use a kids glue stick to affix them. It won't hold up to soaking the beers in a bucket of ice water but hey do clean off real nice with just a quick soak in warm water. Now I need to check out that beerlabelizer for the designs.
  9. brybry

    Dry Porter

    Yes I have been playing around in QBrew and am leaning to 4 ounces. I was also toying with the idea of adding a little bit of vanilla extract but not sure yet.
  10. brybry

    Dry Porter

    Yes I think the molasses flavor tends to be one of those you like it or you don't without much in between. Personally I like it at least in baked goods which I why I'm think of trying it instead of plain white sugar. Also about the sweetness vrs dryness. I like both types of beer. I recently made an Oatmeal Stout, I may call it a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout based on the tasting at bottling time. That had a nice bittersweet taste and came in around 6%, for this porter I'm looking to go the other direction I'd like to keep the ABV at 5% or lower and have a drier finish.
  11. Sorry, this is a separate question only related to the first one because it's another question I had about Qbrew, I suppose I could/should have started another thread. That said yes I see I added the LME incorrectly, thanks for pointing that out. And after looking back at my notes from when I last brewed the Robust Porter I got an OG of 1.041 and an ABV of 4.3%. I got the part about "FIRST add the HME as Hops for 5 minutes, and then . . .", so I at least did that correctly Not sure if I was aware of the old discussion about the actual vrs stated yield of the base can, but my results would support the idea that ones actual results aren't likely to match the numbers stated. I wasn't aware that QBrew was taking that into account, but no that I know I can certainly appreciate it. And BTW I did follow what Josh, you and all the others said back in December. And the results are tasty
  12. Another question. I think I followed the instructions when entering the HME & LME as grains, but my numbers don't match what the Mr Beer website shows, am I doing something wrong in Qbrew?
  13. brybry

    Dry Porter

    I was thinking of brown sugar, because I seem to remember in other threads people saying that the molasses flavor works well with a darker beer like a Porter to Stout. Any thoughts on how much to add?
  14. Maybe transfer to another container like you would to batch prime
  15. brybry

    Dry Porter

    Last year I brewed the deluxe porter and while I enjoyed it I want to brew it again and go a little drier. I was thinking of adding 2 to 4 oz of light brown sugar, thoughts?
  16. Very nice label but wow that's got to be a lot of work with all the cutting of the detail in the neck ring and curved top.
  17. These were brand new first use flip tops, so I don't think it was a seal issue, I only mentioned they were flip tops to indicate how easy they would be to quickly open and reseal. Also when I do open one of these I get the hiss of carbonation release, It's just not as much as I'd like.
  18. yes I read that, also read that originally not all stouts were dark
  19. I have batch of my strong stout that I batch primed and bottled last June that doesn't have enough carbonation. When I bottled this I used swing top bottles. I was wondering if it's possible or if anybody has ever gently opened the bottles and added a bit of sugar to get a bit more carbonation, and then snapped them back shut?
  20. I know you won't give up the grain bill for the Porter vrs Stout HME's but would it be safe to say that Mr Beer follows the general guidelines that you outlined?
  21. I've been doing some reading trying to figure out what the differences between a Porter and a Stout. Some say it's about color, others say the grains used and some say it's the ABV. Needless to say, I'm more confused that before. I know that from a Mr. Beer point of view both the Porter & Stout HME have the same amount of malt and therefore will have roughly the same ABV. So what is the difference in the Mr. Beer world, anyone?
  22. BTW, sample tasting notes are. Great overall flavor with a thick mouthfeel with a strong, possibly too strong, Chocolate flavor. Ends with a nice bitter, like bitter chocolate after taste. I can't wait to try this in a few weeks and beyond. This very well may be a recipe that I brew regularly and keep on hand.
  23. Bottled over the weekend but my FG reading only made it to 1.023 @ 60. What causes this all my other brews that I've done using the Mr Beer yeast have hit the 1.009 to 1.007 range mostly all 1.008, is the steeping of grains adding non-fermentable sugars?
  24. Oh absolutely, I'm certain it was from the cider. When you pour it into a glass and drink it fresh it's so cloudy you can't see through it. And you always end up with a layer of sediment left in the bottom of the jug once empty. If I were to do this again I think I'd at least filter it through a couple of coffee filters. But more likely I'd just use organic apple juice I've seen at my local Costco.
  25. Last year I did a frankenstein cider. I bought 2 gallons of local pressed and cold pasteurized apple cider and used that along with one of the Mr Beer cider bottles and the yeast that came with it. It came out to about 6.5% ABV but instead of sweet it was a tart sour apple taste. Originally I didn't like it so it just sat in the basement for about 9 months. Then I tried it again, really just wanting a kick from the 6.5%ABV, and wow had it improved. Instead of the tart sour apple taste it mellowed out just enough and actually reminded me of a good sparkling cider, it even poured crystal clear. The only problem is since I used cider there was a lot of sediment in the bottles and it didn't get firm like the sediment in a beer. You need to be real careful pouring them.
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