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  1. Thank you all for all the greetings. i bottled my Bavarian weissbier tonite, every thing went very good.I tasted a shot before i bottled and it tasted very good, my wife even was impressed, she had her doubts about this but i think she will be onboard if i make her an apple ale that is decent, she likes the Angry Orchard cider and such which is ok because it provides me with bottles. Sunday i will be brewing the American Lager and adding an LME pack im gonna start slow and try to learn before i try anything crazy.
  2. I got a kit for christmas. I have been lurking ever since, very good information and help. I read almost every thread. Just opened my first bottle of CAL. 3 wks fermenting 2 wks carbing and conditioning. I know I should wait but i had to quality control my bottle capper and carbonation it was a little green yet but after reading so much here I know it will be great in another 2 weeks. Tomorrow im bottling the Bavarian Weissbier with the 2nd lbk that I bought. Thank for all the help and encouragement its great.
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