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  1. Guess sales haven't been so good at the tsc store because they either sold all the starter kits or have put them away leaning more toward the latter
  2. i always save a bottle to share with the old man and he agreed that this batch turned out even better then the first(a CAL)like i said waiting the extra time was well worth it
  3. the two woman in my life got me hooked on brewing. thanks to my little princes (aren't they all at 6 years) for giving me my mr beer kit and a bigger thanks to my beloved partner for paying for it
  4. UPDATE an extra week can make a huge diffrence!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! the beer is definatly more drinkable, more flavour and better all around. i'm sorry i "wasted" those earlier brew due to impatience
  5. mot


    been bottling in the PET bottles that came with the kit but plan on transitioning to glass, just scored a large number of vintage stubies.
  6. thanks for all the input, i'm gonna let the brew condition for at least a few more weeks, even though it was green it was still better then my first batch so i'm not really complaining and it's not like i mind waiting, there are all sorts of new craft beers at the liquor store right now anyway
  7. yeah at room temp, have them sitting in a closet in a open cooler oot of the sunlight
  8. re-read your rightway to brew Rick, was basically what i have done, 3 and 3/4 weeks( just because of time restraints) in the fermenter due to stalling the fermentation process by overcooling the LBK in the first couple days (must really pick up the stick on thermometer that mr beer sells) bottled and let carbonate for three weeks, got gready and sampled a couple of bottles and was disapointed. (i just found it really hard to belive that 7 extra days would take away that much"greeen") but i think i will follow Vakko's advice and let sit another month. cheers
  9. thanks, wasn't going to dump down the drain, would have drank it anyway. just wasn't sure a week could make that much of a difrence. will let it condition out for a few more weeks and then compare notes against the three week old stuff
  10. could not wait another week, snuck a couple of bottles of my canadian blonde tonight, it was well, greeeeeen. my question is will a week more conditioning really make that much diffrence to the beer or can i write off this batch? it was in the keg for 3 3/4 weeks and in the bottle for another 3 weeks. it was in the keg longer because i inadvertedly slowed the fermentation process by chilling it to much at the start.
  11. Thanks for the tip will check it out soon
  12. yeah the more I seem to sleep on the couch
  13. don't know yet it's in the fermenter right now
  14. here's an update, to be on the safe side i cooled the LBK down in a cooler with a frozen 2l pop bottle rotated at approx 12hrs, wellllllllllll it worked to well and i stoped fermentation so i left the lid off the cooler to let things warm up a bit and then closed things up again minus the pop bottle hopefully that will kick evrything back into gear
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