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  1. Carbonation...

  2. Well, this news is a little late, but with great success. I put all the bottles and growlers into a cooler and No growler bombs!! The beer turned out splendid.
  3. Affirmative! I'll keep that in mind. I've got my brew bottled in growlers and stashed away in a cooler. I'll be obtaining a file box soon. So, what would be a good brew to graduate to next? I pretty much like everything. IPA and Pils preferred, lots of crafts, some lager, the ol' lady likes ciders, darker beers are good but I can't drink many of them.
  4. Precisely what I'm trying to avoid... Thank you for your help and the in depth explanations. Exactly the information that I was seeking. Glass is king!
  5. No, I just saw where several ppl experienced explosions and I didn't want to clean up the glass. I figured it would be fine, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. (End of dumb questions...)
  6. Thank you for the help. One last dumb question... Is it a bad idea to use glass bottles during the carbonation period?
  7. Lol no I did not shake it. However, I did read that the solution would be cloudy and it's seemingly clear.
  8. Sorry, I meant cloudy. For lack of better words I used milky.
  9. Affirmative! Thank you. Any clue as to why it's not milky?
  10. The trub appears pretty solid at the bottom already. Is this normal? When I did my test with the hydrometer today, I pulled roughly 4.5-4.7% I think. Also, the beer was seemingly clear already? Maybe this was only due to pulling a small amount of beer? I read the propping the LBK already (I need to reread.) I have it slightly propped, but the trub seems pretty solid and significantly below the spigot. Thank you Rick! Thank you Jim!
  11. Hey everybody! So, Ive read all of the intro info so far. I am making my first batch ever. I used to make wine with my grandfather as a kid. So, this seemed like an obvious hobby for me. My brother gave me an LBK kit of American light for Christmas. I had a hydrometer already (not exactly sure if I have the proper chamber for usage.) Nevertheless, my question lies within cold crashing. Does one cold crash American Light for 3 days or less? I am receptive to all possible outcomes. Also, I have the worlds smallest fridge, is there a better way? Thanks guys, M.
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