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  1. Interesting, my first two brews were BAA and Oktoberfest. I also am a new brewer with 4 batches in. So you sound a lot like me. So here is my two cents. BAA was my first brew and it came out pretty good. It was darker than expected and a bit more bitter than i prefer. I also am a fan of fat tire and it was not like that. So it was good but not what i expected. Now the Oktoberfest (which i am drinking right now) also came out a little darker than expected but has a great malty taste and an easy finish. This is my favorite so far and will brew this again. I brewed this one straight up and not as a deluxe. I think that might be even better as the standard version does not have much of a head but has great flavor. I have also brewed the Bavarian Wiesbier which would be second favorite and a Canadien Blonde which came out very green (i think i got that one too warm during fermentation). So that is my two cents worth.
  2. Just cracked open the first bottles of my second batch. Its an Oktoberfest refill, straight up. It came out excellent. Nice flavor, good color, surprisingly good head and retention. If i had any complaint it would be that it has a very light finish. I would have liked it to be a little heavier. This is my second ever batch and i am very excited that they came out great. I just read as much as i could on here and followed all the directions and it works perfectly if you do that. Got a batch of Canadian Blonde Deluxe in lbk to be bottled next weekend. Bavarian Weisbier follows that. Loving this hobby right now.
  3. Excellent and good to know. I am just about to start a deluxe batch of Canadian Blond myself. Also conditioning a batch of Oktoberfest. I need another 3 weeks for that to be ready.
  4. Newbie here. Just into my second batch and about to start a third batch - Canadian Blond deluxe when it arrives. While waiting I looked online at the instructions for brewing and I think it said to put the lme in with the hme after flameout. But I think I also read on this forum somewhere that you should boil the lme. 1. Boil or not? 2. If boil, how long? 3. What effect does the boiling have? Thanks for any help here
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have a CAL that i wasn't sure what to do with. I don't really drink light beers much but i may try that All American recipe. I do need to have a plan for a thirst quenching summer beer in my pipeline. Right now i am looking for something a bit heavier but not dark or bitter. How about a blond with an lme or even a wheat beer wityh an lme. I may be answering my own questions. Thanks for the help.
  6. Does anyone remember how michelob used to be. Not the light or ultra. Anyway i would like to find recipe that was like that. It was kind of creamy and not very bitter but plenty of body. I just brewed a BAA and have an Octoberfest in the LBK. The BAA is very good but a little bitter for me. Any ideas here would be appreciated.
  7. cams

    new brewer

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments
  8. Just opened my first bottle of my first brew ever. Did the bewtched amber ale and it tastes just like a good amber i would buy. I really had low expectations for this. I thought it would be a little flat or watery. But not so. It has great flavor and a nice head. Followed all the directions including 3 weeks in the lbk and 4 weeks conditioning. I'm really impressed with this. Now i also have the octoberfest in the lbk for the past 2 weeks. Will bottle next week. Can't wait to try that. I'm really excted about brewing now.
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