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  1. Can you use brown sugar or powered sugar for carbonation? If so is it the same amounts as using regular sugar?
  2. Is there any advantage to longer fermentation or cold crashing times? I know that the longer they are in the bottle before refrigerating the better they taste, correct?
  3. So If I were to do this in a future batch I would cold crash the wort and on bottling day, boil/dissolve the sugar and put it in 2nd lbk, add wort and then bottle? Also won't this mixture be watering down the beer?
  4. Is it ok to use the carbonation drops to batch prime? And how many for blackberry weizenbock?
  5. I am a relatively new brewer. Made a few batches before I discovered the Forums and have found a lot of useful advice but 1 thing I am not sure about is what is batch prime/ bottle prime? Is that when you put the carbonating sugar in prior/during bottling?
  6. So since this is week 1 today, put it in now and cold crash next weekend? then bottle on wed?
  7. I started making blackberry weizenbock last week and already bought the 2 cans of blackberries before I read this thread, when is the best time to add fruit to maintain some fruit flavor?
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