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  1. Here is a chart I found online that may help! https://www.jaysbrewing.com/2011/11/17/lazy-chart-for-converting-dme-lme-grain/
  2. Three weeks ago last Sunday I brewed a brown pecan ale. At the three week date I was anticipating bottling, but my hydrometer reading seemed like it might be too high... it read 1.023. The goal is 1.013. I tested it today again and it is holding steady at 1.023. The temperature in the basement has been holding steady at 63, right smack in the middle of the yeast range. Do you think it's safe to go ahead and bottle or should I still wait? I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs here, but I don't want a bunch of bombs! Thanks all! PS- delicious flavor out of the hydrometer, and that's room temp and flat!
  3. I am brewing an all grain with a 90 minute boil. The recipe calls for 1 oz us golding at 70 mins, 1 oz perle at 60 mins, and 1 oz us golding at 25. But they shipped me 2 perle instead. Does anyone have experience with these hops? Will it dramatically change my beer using the perle hops at 25 instead of the goldings? What if i left the last addition out? Thx for any knowledge and/or wisdom!
  4. I have purchased the ingredients to make a gluten free Pilsner style beer. The recipe calls for saflager 34/70, which has an upper temperature range of 71... My basement is a little warmer than that and I don't have a cooler. Does anyone know what would happen if I substituted safale us-05, which has an upper range of 77, which should work perfectly temperature wise? I'm certain it would have a different taste... but is it predictable HOW it will be different? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the explanation! I think you're right about the extra effort for 14% more beer. I'm gonna try the vodka storage trick and I'm sure it will be fine.
  6. So I am now having to brew gluten free beer, and the ingredients are a little more expensive than usual. I have a recipe for a gluten free Bohemian Pilsner that calls for 5 lbs sorghum syrup, 2 lbs 10 oz rice extract, and hops additions as follows: Saaz 2.75 oz 60 mins, 1.75 15 mins, and .5 5 mins. All this for a 5 gallon batch. I bought the ingredients and I have 6.6 lbs sorghum syrup and 3 lbs rice extract. I would assume that if I just used all the syrups and kept the hops the same, it would screw up the recipe and the result would in no way resemble what it's supposed to. My question is: is there any way I can adjust the hops additions/water amount so that I can use all (or more of) the syrups I have bought and still get what the recipe is supposed to produce? Thanks!
  7. RickBeer- well my goal was to mix all that up and see what it tastes like. I will say, judging by the taste from the hydrometer tube, it won't be bad. What I have learned, and will carry this on, is not to add so much table sugar. I added too much to a Bavarian wheat and now know what "it dries out your beer" means. I didn't before, now I do, and I can taste it at the end of this Aztec, too. But it will be ok.
  8. I have bottled 12 bottles of the Aztec +1 lb pale malt +1 lb booster +1 cup table sugar. I read the original gravity at 1.068. I am bottle priming and cold crashed the lbk for 3 days. It was in the cabinet for 3 weeks. After bottling 12 I remembered I wanted to do a hydrometer reading and did, and it was around 1.018. My question: shouldn't it be lower than that before I bottle? And if so, are those 12 bombs waiting to explode? And if so, can I pour that back into the LBK (with the little extra sugar) and return it to the cabinet to warm up, and pretend this never happened? Or is it ok?
  9. THatch


    Great news... I fixed the siphoner (electrical tape around the top to seal it) and moved this beer to the bottling bucket. It tasted fine! So primed, bottled, and set aside for conditioning. May have just been lucky, but I'll take it!
  10. THatch


    Bottling day for this batch is to be Sunday. It'll be interesting to give it a taste to see if it's worth bottling. Dumping beer just does not seem right!
  11. THatch


    I fermented this batch in a 6.5 gAllon glass carboy. In the future when I do this, will skip the secondary fermentation, use the auto siphon (with the right hose) to move it into the bucket for priming, and bottle from there. The bucket has a spigot I can attach a smaller hose to as well. Seems like a good plan... What could go wrong! Live and learn!
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