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  1. So I'm cooking up a recipe and noticed that the instructions say to fill the LBK up to the #1 mark on the LBK...not sure what this means....and I don't want to put wrong amount of water in...so what's the deal? Why is the recipe saying this? Is there a new LBK with different measurements? If so, why isn't the recipe showing both for that have the old LBKs?
  2. When I was making my punkin ale, I noticed a few dead fruit flies in the threads of my LBK. I checked the wort best I could and didn't see anything and taste test was fine. I think it is just something that happens and I dont think they can get into the wort.
  3. Don't use the dishwasher, get yourself a beer bottle brush and wash by hand. Last thing you want is some crud up in the bottle that spoils your beer.
  4. Where in Marietta are you? I right up 75 and work by Dobbins.
  5. Just cooked up this batch and have it going. Hopefully it will be done conditioning in time. Can't wait to try it.
  6. I've always wondered why bottled water has an expiration date...just saying...lol. Thanks for the clarification Josh.
  7. My Chimay blue has turned out GREAT! Thanks for such a great recipe Vakko!
  8. Well I tried the first bottle from this batch last night. I have to say that it turned out very well! I can really taste the orange peel, no so much the vanilla though. It will be a great beer to drink this weekend while me and the family are at our pool!
  9. Great, since I am out of carb drops, would you recommend about 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon of sugar per bottle?
  10. I do have some extra yeast i could try that with, it's the kind of yeast that came with the Irish stout refill. Do you think that will work?
  11. Yes, it fermented 100%. Even tested with my hydrometer before bottling.
  12. Good idea Rick, ill keep that in mind for new bottles in the future.
  13. that's exactly what I am referring to.
  14. Interesting, I was comparing it to the carbonation I did on my first batch (am light). So the Aztec doesn't carb that much?
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