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  1. Going to be making Classica American light with the LME Softpack - Pale and adding a cup of honey any thoughts or has anyone tried this.
  2. Going to make 1776 Ale the kit comes with Safale US-05 making a 2.5 gal batch. Was told to use whole packet of yeast , would this be using to much the packet dosage says 11.5 g in 20 to 30 litres. Would think it be to much for 2.5 gals or would it not hurt.
  3. This was the post(blog) I found and this is why I asking to make sure. 'You’ll need the following tools and ingredients to successfully batch prime: 2.5+ gallon container (This can be a standard bottling bucket, extra Mr Beer keg or this excellent jug I found at Walmart for $6. Most importantly, this container needs to have a spigot.)Mr Beer keg equipped with a locking spigotBottling wand to fit the Mr Beer locking spigotSmall pot with coverInstant-read thermometerSanitizer (One-Step, Iodophor, whatever sanitizer you use)1 cup water1/2 cup corn sugar (You can use regular table sugar, or even DME, but the amount will change depending on what you use.) '
  4. I am a little lost with this why then would all the Mr Beer kits use the same amount of carbonation drops for all there beers, you would think there would be a set amount to use to do a prime batch.
  5. ? amount of sugar used in the extra LBK when batch priming would change with different beers, is that why I have to use the calculator .IF NOT and if anyone here has used corn sugar to batch pime or regular sugar. I would like to the know the amount used. I read a post awhile back saying a 1/2 cup of corn sugar just want to make sure this is the right amount.
  6. I have an extra LBK and would like to batch prime using CORN sugar would it be 1/2 of cup or 1/3 or right the amount in tea or table spoons. Also would like to know if any one has tried also adding Vanilla extract and the amount used.
  7. Bottled my Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe today I am hoping this is normal , looked like cream cheese.
  8. I watch this video and his ambient temperature was about the same as mine. My freezeer chest is in the garage with ambient temps in the 80's . But he did use a refrigertor.
  9. The reason I thought that I might not need the heat source is that the chest is in my garage temps around 78 to 85.
  10. Are there any other types of controls to use instead STC-1000 so that you don't have to add a heat source.
  11. Is there away of doing it without adding the lightblub maybe a different setting .
  12. On the STC 1000 do you need to add the heat side. I just got a Small Chest Freezer and going to wire up the STC, Just to control the cooling since I am in Florida and dealing with high temps, What temperature should be in the chest.
  13. I was told to use 1/8 tsp to one gallon 1/8 tsp. ( .6ml ) does this sound right ?
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