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  1. That's OK. Fortunately I caught it. Initially everything was fine. It was at the final "Place Order" page where they were listed as full price.
  2. FYI: There seems to be a glitch in the BOGO American beer sale. I added an American Ale and was prompted to add my free refill. I did so and everything looked fine until I got to the last "Place Order" page. On that page, both refills appeared at full price. I clicked "Edit Order" and I was again prompted to add my free refill. I then had 2 full price refills and 1 free refill in the cart. I subtracted one full price refill and the order was corrected to display one full price and one free refill. So it worked in the end, but not without some tweaking on my part.
  3. I put it into a spray bottle and use it to sanitize countertops.
  4. I use a piece of that rubberized drawer liner material under my bottles when I hand cap. Works great.
  5. FYI, a good dark beer goes great with dark chocolate.
  6. I couldn't agree more about this one. I just had my one year brewer's anniversary. Over the last year I had a couple of batches that I fermented too hot. I ended up with citrus off-flavors that gave my beer a weird taste and fusel alcohols that gave me a headache. I recently followed forum member suggestions and started fermenting the wort at 65F. The fermentation at 65F is much cleaner and the beer tastes great. Try to control your fermentation temp as much as possible and aim for the low-end of the yeast range. You'll be pleased with the results.
  7. Many of us have had this issue. They really should smooth out that seam before shipment. However, the fix is simple. Get a sanding block with some medium to fine grain sand paper and lightly sand the seam until it is level.
  8. I see a lot of people recommending a 65F fermentation temperature. Is this for the Mr. Beer brand ale yeast? That yeast lists a temperature range of 68-76F. If 65F is acceptable, why wouldn't the range be listed as 65-76F? I know, probably a stupid question, but I had to ask.
  9. Yes, I should have mentioned that I used the recommended 2 drops per 740mL bottle and conditioned for 4 weeks at 70+F. I would not say the 740mL bottles were under-carbonated, but the 12 ounce bottles with one drop have always had perfect carbonation.
  10. Very cool Bhob. You should patent it, mass produce it, and partner with Mr. Beer to sell it on their site!
  11. I'm just curious, how do some of the posters embed YouTube videos into your posts? Do you need special forum access rights? I tried using the link function and it just posts as a link.
  12. I would think that one of the most popular bottle sizes for home brewers would be the 12 oz. size considering that is what store bought beer is bottled in. I’m sure Mr. Beer chose plastic instead of glass for their kits otherwise you might be saying to your friends: “I got a Mr. Beer Box-O-Glass for Christmas.” The third batch I brewed was a mix of 740 mL plastic and 12 oz. glass. The glass bottles with one Mr. Beer drop were carbonated perfectly whereas the plastic bottles were a little weak when compared to store bought beer. From then on I’ve used one drop per 12 oz. bottle and I’ve never had an over-carbonated bottle even after conditioning some of the bottles at 80+F. https://youtu.be/L3dq9dxEf2c
  13. Me either. I've found that 1 drop per 12 oz. is just right.
  14. To put it simply, no you cannot. You're not going to be able to get them clean using only the dishwasher. The water and detergent will not be able to get into the bottle for adequate cleaning. Have you ever tried to reheat a "microwave safe" plastic container with spaghetti sauce in it and then afterwards it is permanently stained red? If your bottles are not clean and you heat them up in the dishwasher, you could set the stains and odors in the plastic forever. Glass bottles may be sanitized in the dishwasher because the heat does the sanitizing. Plastic bottles should be sanitized with a chemical sanitizer. Glass and plastic still need to be cleaned before you sanitize them. Clean your plastic bottles with warm water and a dye and perfume free detergent. Rinse the bottles thoroughly and then sanitize with the Mr. Beer sanitizer. I've stopped using plastic in favor of glass because it is more durable, easy to clean, and I prefer the 12 oz. size, but I know many in the forum use plastic. The plastic bottles will work just fine for many uses if you clean and care for them properly.
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