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  1. hey man! hope your new year is as happy as your new beer! didn't you say u bought the brew jacket?

  2. Seems nobody get's it exactly right with their first run of their kit. Carbonation is often lacking first time around as well a head retention. Part of it is that people are impatient but also the basic kit recipes at not usually the best recipes for maximum oomph.
  3. Plastic does get brittle with age but UV light usually is one of the prime causes and I doubt that is the case here.
  4. My people have Krampus instead of coal.
  5. Personally I prefer bourbon for making a tincture but you do get that added flavor which you might not be going for. The article is very good thanks for posting Josh
  6. The flavor extraction with the alcohol takes time though.
  7. Hop utilization with regards to OG and time at the bottom of this page. http://realbeer.com/hops/research.html
  8. Controlling temp to stay on the lower side of the yeast has improved my brewing more than anything else.
  9. I've only had 2 bottle bombs in 22 batches and it was from the same batch that wasn't 100% fermented but I bottled anyway. Yet only 2 out of 40 bottles popped from that batch and the rest are good now.
  10. The tincture works a lot more effectively than putting the raw ingredients directly into the LBK imo. Adding zest for fruit directly to the lbk can work but it only sort off works and you still need to sanitize it. Cocoa powder to the boil give more chocolate impact than nibs and is just as easy
  11. Making a tincture works the best IMO. Takes about a month of prep/ soaking though. I use powder and nibs. Nibs for tincture and powder for adding to the boil.
  12. DME is just dried out LME. Some prefer it because of the "why pay for water" aspect. You are adding only half in the beginning and the rest at the end to increase you hops utilization. Wort utilizes hops better than plain water but at some point too much wortigoodness starts to decrease your hops utilization. (See following chart posted by Rick or Josh.) What temp are you fermenting this at and with what yeast?
  13. Conditioning can continue in the fridge, sure (The original term lager meant just that but replace fridge with cold cellar/cave). But it depends on the type/ style of beer. Some beers there will be no major conditioning that will be noticeable regardless of where you put them. In general the stouter the beer the longer you might want to condition. The lighter/hoppier/wheatier the beer the less you will want to condition.
  14. I'm predicting everything will be fine.
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